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    25 Gender Stereotypes That Make My Blood Boil

    Why are girls supposed to have long hair while boys are supposed to have short hair?

    Whether you're a man, woman, or nonbinary person, there are stereotypes attached to your gender that probably make you want to scream. Reddit user u/BodybuilderScary asked Reddit, "What's one gender stereotype that you absolutely despise?" and the answers couldn't be more relatable. Here are some of the best responses that have me wanting to pull my hair out at the injustice.

    1. "That 'men can't be abused.' Of course they can! They're humans too."

    2. "That women are perpetually catty and shallow, and they always want a tall, strong boyfriend who has enough money to support their catty, shallow lifestyles."


    3. "That men can’t cook, clean, or take care of themselves. Men are not helpless without their mothers or significant others."


    4. "That all women love shopping, makeup, and salon visits."


    5. "That men shouldn’t cry or express their feelings when they’re upset."

    6. "That women aren't complete unless they experience motherhood. For some, motherhood is not something that they ever want to experience."


    7. "That kids can't play with certain toys or play certain sports because it doesn't 'suit their gender' and will somehow make them gay or less masculine/feminine."


    8. "That men can't do self-care without being looked down upon. I love taking baths with bath bombs and candles."


    9. "That women are more inclined toward gossip and drama. Men love to talk shit about each other just as much as women do."

    10. "That women are 'overreacting' or 'exaggerating' when they're crying or expressing concerns about physical or mental issues. I hate hearing, 'Oh sounds like hormones,' or 'It’s probably just your period.' It can be irritating, but it’s also just plain demeaning."

    11. "That you somehow have to choose between levels of masculinity and femininity. I love working on cars, welding, baking, and interior decorating. It doesn't have to be a binary choice!"


    12. "That women need to learn how to run a household for someone besides themselves. When I was younger, my grandma would insist I'd need to learn to manage things for my future family, not for myself."


    13. "That women are bad at math. My daughter is a nuclear engineering PhD student and she hears a lot of sexist stuff."

    14. "That men working in a nursing home, childcare, or any other traditional 'woman's job' are 'less manly' and doing so out of desperation. I have happily worked in a nursing home for 12 years and people still expect me to be embarrassed about my job."


    15. "That clothes are for certain genders. I can wear a men’s jacket in the winter without it meaning I'm on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Similarly, if guys want to wear a skirt, they should be free to do so."


    16. "That women and girls aren't interested in things like sports, climbing trees, or play-fighting as kids. People automatically exclude girls from fun but physically challenging activities because they assume they don't like getting rough or dirty. People encourage and discourage kids from certain things based on gender and then act like it occurred naturally."


    17. "That girls have to have long hair and boys have to have short hair. I’m a guy and I’ve been rocking long hair for multiple years now."

    18. "That men can't have fruity drinks. Back when I drank, I loved getting fruity drinks at the bar, they're so good and normally have a much higher alcohol content."


    19. "That women don't know anything about 'big financial matters.' When I went to buy my car and when my husband and I tried to sell our home, the salesmen only spoke to my husband and not me."


    20. "That men have to be breadwinners and be career focused. I don’t get any fulfillment out of making more money or climbing the corporate ladder at all, and that's okay."


    21. "That the women get up and start clearing the table after a family meal and the men get up and move to the family room to watch the game on TV."

    22. "That 'men don't listen or communicate.' It feeds into the narrative that all men are emotionally stunted and self-centered."


    23. "That women in leadership are seen as bossy or bitchy and are generally talked bad about, but men in leadership are seen as charismatic and a role model."


    24. "That nonbinary people are obsessed with gender and telling people about their gender. I don't bother telling anyone I'm nonbinary unless I'm going to be working with them long-term, just so they can use the right pronouns."


    25. "That all men just want sex. There are those of us out there that want a genuine connection, support, friendship, and affection."