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    11 Downsides Of Living In NYC And 12 Reasons Why People Still Do It

    The city that never sleeps! Or cleans up their garbage, apparently.

    Ah NYC, the land of Broadway, shopping, and rats the size of a small baby.

    For some people, New York City is the ultimate dream destination where you can wear anything you want, party every weekend, and hit up some of the best museums in the country.

    For others...let's just say there are thousands of different cities to choose from, so no need to worry about this one. Here are the 12 reasons why you should book that one-way ticket to NYC right now, and 11 reasons why you should maybe just stay home.

    1. Come stay: NYC is the land of *opportunity* and exciting activities around every corner. You'll never be bored here because you can literally throw a rock and hit 15 new places for you to explore.

    Lady Liberty

    2. Avoid NYC forever: It's loud. There's no other way to say it, but if you're hoping to get that peaceful night's sleep, you probably should start looking elsewhere.

    3. Come stay: You're sure to meet some really cool people here, as NYC tends to attract a wide variety of people with many different interests.

    4. Avoid NYC forever: $$$.

    Serendipity $5 bill

    5. Come stay: the food! You could probably find four different top-rated restaurants in whichever cuisine you're looking for within in a 15-minute walk of your apartment.

    6. Avoid NYC forever: the mess. Nobody claimed this city was clean, OK?

    Garbage in NYC

    7. Come stay: the diversity! No matter the community you're looking for, you'll be able to find it in NYC. When it comes to activities, religious services, food, and more, no need to worry about going without.

    Carrie Diaries holding snow globe

    8. Avoid NYC forever: the skyscraper forest. If you're a nature lover who enjoys looking out at some treetops, boy do I have some bad news for you.

    9. Come stay: the amazing history. This city is full of gorgeous historical spots, interesting museums, and cool architecture.

    Cool Spot in NYC

    10. Avoid NYC forever: the traffic. If you enjoy driving and aren't a fan of public transportation, then you best leave your things at the door.

    Just My Luck taxis stopped in street

    11. Come stay: You'll be able to get your exercise in without even feeling like you're doing it.

    12. Avoid NYC forever: the constant stress. If you're prone to anxiety in social and work environments, be ready for that to never end.

    SpiderMan into the Spiderverse

    13. Come stay: Night owls rejoice; everything is open all the time, and you'll never have to wait until the next morning to get your garlic bread fix.

    27 dresses getting out of cab at night

    14. Avoid NYC forever: those hot, hot summers. You may have heard that heat rises, so you can only imagine how great that feels in your apartment on the 18th floor of a city full of heat-trapping cement and endless energy use.

    15. Come stay: the culture and nightlife. Are you ready to go out to the most exciting bars, meet unique people, and attend once-in-a-lifetime events?

    Rent friends out on the town

    16. Avoid NYC forever: Claustrophobia is real, people, and you'll certainly find it in the packed streets of NYC. You'll be living in a shoebox apartment on top of 50 other shoebox apartments and will be lucky to have a bathroom big enough to close the door when you sit on the toilet.

    Squeezing on train

    17. Come stay: the art. Whether it be music, theater, painting, or writing, this city is full of creatives and the incredible work they have to display.

    18. Avoid NYC forever: The socioeconomic gap will make you physically ill. You'll watch billionaire businessmen walk past homeless people like they're nothing.

    Playing drums on the side of the street

    19. Come stay: Nobody is judging you. Wear what you want, do what you want, and be who you want because everyone in NYC follows one golden rule: Mind your own business.

    Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl

    20. Avoid NYC forever: grocery shopping, or really any errands in general. If you know, you know.

    21. Come stay: Whatever field you're trying to break into for your career, NYC probably has some great opportunities for you.

    Carrie Diaries Carrie meeting Larisa

    22. Avoid NYC forever: the dating scene. Yes, NYC may be home to some really cool date destinations, but finding the right person to go to those places with is a downright nightmare.

    Breakfast at Tiffanys

    23. And finally, come stay: "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere."