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    People Are Talking About The Double Standards That Disgust Them, And I Totally Agree

    Why is it normal to go to the doctor to support physical health, but not to go to a therapist to support mental health?

    Do you ever feel as if the world is letting certain things pass, while other things are wrongly considered taboo? Reddit user u/Meet_Me_In_Heaven recognized this and asked the question, "What double standards disgust you?" Here are some of the best responses that have turned me into a boiling pot of rage.

    1. "If you owe a company money, you will be charged interest, late fees, and service interruption almost immediately after the due date. But if a company owes you money, you might see it in four to six weeks or two to three billing cycles."

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    2. "Dozens of politicians are vacationing around the globe while we're on a strict lockdown. In other words, we can’t bury Grandma at a funeral, but these politicians can go work on their tan."


    3. "If you always arrive to work late, you're in big trouble. If you have to stay late because work never finishes on time, no big deal."


    4. "As a dad, it drives me wild when people tell me how 'great' it is that I’m 'babysitting' or 'watching' my son for my wife. He’s my kid too. I’m just as much his parent as my wife is."

    Devi and her father with her first harp in "Never Have I Ever"

    5. "The employee must give two weeks' notice; anything else is unprofessional. But the employer will actively obscure their intentions until the very last minute."


    6. "Bisexual women are sexualized, while bisexual men are shunned."


    7. "Businesses should do whatever it takes to get ahead, but if the employee tries to make their life better or find a new job, they are lazy or ungrateful."

    Stanley from "The Office" sitting at his desk

    8. "Going to a therapist to support your mental health is treated socially very different from going to the gym for your physical health. Someone should be able to say they really made gains in therapy and have the homies be supportive. Taking care of mental health gets looked down on a lot."


    9. "Baking is for women. I love watching baking shows and seeing the creativity."


    10. "Saying that COVID-19 is a hoax but being at the top of the list for a vaccine."

    11. "Wealthy people don’t seem to be accountable for white-collar crimes the way poor people who commit petty crimes are."


    12. "If I wake up at 4 p.m. and go to bed at 9 a.m., I'm lazy and do nothing all day. But if I wake up at 4 a.m. and go to bed at 9 p.m., I'm seen as a responsible member of society. It doesn't matter if I work the exact same number of hours, make the same money, or do the exact same amount of housework."


    13. "Parents often talk down to their kids and are disrespectful, but kids would get in trouble for talking back to them the same way. For example, sniping at every mistake, shouting the kid's name from across the house and expecting them to drop everything and come talk to them, and dismissing anything the kid says that they don't agree with."

    Frank and Carl talking on "Shameless"

    14. "People benefiting from somebody performing a service while looking down on the individuals who perform said service. This specifically happens in sex work and minimum-wage labor."


    15. "A cisgender girl can get a boob job without any issues. But a transgender girl needs a referral from a psychiatrist to make sure 'they don't regret it.'"


    16. "If a politician of the opposite party does something immoral, they’re a horrible person. If a politician from my party does something objectionable, that’s not their character, and it wasn’t their fault."

    Characters on "Scandal" staring at the TV in shock

    17. "If you know a lot of gaming knowledge and lore, you are considered a geek. If you know every member of every Super Bowl and World Series winning team, you are considered cool."


    18. "The standard of hiring practices. As someone seeking employment, I need to go above and beyond. The hiring company doesn't even have to tell me if they considered my application. The scale of common courtesy is grossly slanted."

    Ted the bear applying to a job
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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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