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These Are The 15 Best Quizzes From January 2021

Has it been only one month since 2020?

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of cute, wholesome, and relaxing quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

1. I Bet You Can't Pass This "Friends" Two Truths And A Lie Quiz Without Cheating

Phoebe with a porn VHS tape with the words "Phoebe starred in a pornographic film called 'Buffay The Vampire Layer'" in "Friends"

2. The Choices You Make In This Quiz Will Determine Your Dominant Emotion, But Only If You Don’t Lie

Emotions in "Inside Out"

3. I Want To Know If You'd Ever Wear These Wedding Dresses From Movies And TV Shows

Jane and Rafael at their wedding in "Jane the Virgin"

4. Do You Have A Lot Of Random Knowledge Or Is Your Brain Empty?

American Gothic painting and Chandler on "Friends"

5. I'm Genuinely Curious Whether Or Not You'd Wear These Bridesmaid Dresses Again

Sparkly dress next to light purple cowl neck dress

6. If You Can’t Identify At Least 50% Of The Correct Disney Princess Dresses, Then You’re Banned From Disney World For Life

Belle and the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" with Belle in a small skirt and a big skirt

7. Sorry, But Unless You Live In The United States You Won't Pass This Quiz

8. You Can Only Pick One Wedding Dress For Each Venue, And It's Very Difficult

A boho dress labeled "beach wedding" and an elegant dress labeled "castle wedding"

9. We've Been Living With COVID-19 For Over 10 Months. How Does Your Corona Comfort Level Compare With Others?

10. There Are Two Types Of Eaters In This World — Spoon People And Fork People — Who Are You?

Mac and cheese and cherry pie

11. These Seven Questions Will Determine Which Literary Heroine Best Matches Your Personality

Emma Woodhouse eating a strawberry; Elizabeth Bennet daydreaming

12. Pretty Much Everyone Has Watched At Least 12 Of These Netflix Original Shows — How Many Have You Seen?

On the left, Lily Collins as Emily in "Emily in Paris," and on the right, Regé-Jean Page as Simon in "Bridgerton"

13. I Dare You To Play This Hot Guys Vs. Appetizers “Would You Rather”

Regé-Jean Page and guacamole with the word "or" between them

14. I Am Genuinely Curious Who You Think The A-Hole Is In These 10 Situations

Archie and Veronica from "Riverdale" labeled "Am I the a-hole for telling my girlfriend she's in my top three?"

15. Choose All Of Your Favorite Foods And We'll Accurately Guess Where You're From In The United States

On the left, a deep dish pizza labeled "the midwest," and on the right, a bagel with cream cheese labeled "the east coast"