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Barbie Addressed White Privilege On Her YouTube Channel And It's So Important

I didn't know I was such a strong Barbie fan until this moment.

If you don't already know, Barbie has a YouTube-style vlog account that has over 9.7 million subscribers and is maintained by the official brand. It's a hit on TikTok and Twitter because of its witty banter, discussions about modern issues, and refusal to shy away from difficult topics.

Barbie sitting in her bedroom
Barbie / YouTube

This past week, Barbie uploaded a video with her friend Nikki that discussed something that's on everyone's mind recently: the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Barbie / YouTube

She starts the video by addressing the importance of the marches and other movements that are being held around the world to fight against racism, and goes on to say, "This stuff isn't easy to talk about, which is exactly why we have to talk about it."

Barbie / YouTube

Barbie's friend Nikki then takes the stage to talk about acts of racism that she and other Black people experience on a daily basis while doing the same things that white people are doing.

Nikki in Barbie's room explaining her experiences with racism
Barbie / YouTube

She talks about the time she was selling stickers with Barbie on the beach and was stopped by beach security three times while Barbie had no issues at all. She also explains that after getting a perfect score on a French entrance exam for an honor club, the teacher, who didn't know her, told her she only scored so high because she was lucky, not because she was smart.

When Barbie asks, "Why didn't you stay in the [French] club and prove him wrong?" Nikki explains, "Usually when I talk about these things, people make excuses. They say things like, 'Well, maybe you should have had a permit for selling on the beach.' But those are just excuses. People did these things because I was Black, and they made the wrong assumptions about me."

Barbie in her room looking upset
Barbie / YouTube

Perfectly said.

Barbie herself is shocked as she listens to these stories. As Barbie and Nikki explain, white privilege isn't just the addition of opportunities, but the knowledge that you don't constantly have to "prove people wrong" or defend yourself before you even have a fair chance.

Barbie / YouTube

Barbie agrees that people don't make those same negative assumptions about white people, and says this absolute golden statement: "That's not fair, because that means that white people get an advantage that they didn't earn, and Black people get a disadvantage that they don't deserve."

Nikki notes that one of the best things that Barbie and other white people can do is "listen" and "be supportive." Along with supporting the movement, of course.

Nikki and Barbie in Barbie's room
Barbie / YouTube

These experiences are things that happen to Black people all the time, and addressing them on a platform geared toward kids and young teens is the perfect place to start.

Shoutout to Barbie and her friends for being world-class role models!

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