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15 Regular People Who Became Famous For Just A Minute

"I went to one of MTV's My Super Sweet 16 parties."

Recently, Chrissy Teigen asked people on Twitter if they had ever been famous for, like, a minute, and we shared some of the hilarious responses.

Here are a few more stories that our readers shared in the comments about their wild minute of fame.

1. These famous Friends babies.

2. This Teen Choice Awards seat filler.

3. This My Super Sweet 16 attendee who starred in the episode's commercial.

4. This German reality TV star.

I appeared on a German reality TV show for two or three episodes. I'm embarrassed by it now, but the experience was pretty neat! Plus, it was nice to know that 95% of the show was not scripted.


5. This indie backup singer.

When I was 17, I sang backup vocals for an indie band. I ended up making it into one whole song.


6. This lucky NSYNC fan who sat on the stage at their show.

It got so crowded at a small NSYNC show that my friend and I had to sit on the stage. There was a picture of us with the band in a magazine shortly after that. My dad cut it out and framed it.


7. This unexpected Planet Fitness guru.

I posted a picture of me doing Julian Edelman’s Planet Fitness "Home Work-In" and Edelman like the post. Planet Fitness also featured my picture in one of their emails!


8. This crime drama extra.

9. This local superstar.

I was in a local commercial for the eye center where I got LASIK surgery. They filmed this cheap commercial and it aired for months.


10. This movie extra who had a coveted spot.

11. This musical prodigy.

12. This orchestra teen whose face was plastered all over billboards.

When I was in my town's orchestra, I was chosen as one of the kids to have their picture taken to promote it. We were on billboards and magazines in my town for a year.


13. This music festival star who made it big on social media.

Last year I went to a music festival and the photographer for my favorite band got me in one of their photos. They shared it all over their social media.


14. This tiny modeling tot.

I was in a Nordstrom fashion show as a toddler and wound up on the news. I was obviously a very good model as a toddler.


15. And finally, this child negotiator who made it on TV.

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.