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12 "WandaVision" Quizzes To Take While You Wait For The New Marvel TV Shows To Come Out

"Sit back, enjoy the show."

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of WandaVision trivia and personality quizzes — in one place for your convenience.

1. Which WandaVision Character Are You?

Wanda, Vision, and Jimmy Woo
Disney+ / Marvel

Are you more like Wanda or Billy? Take the quiz here.

2. Let's See If You Share The Same WandaVision Opinions As Everyone Else

A woman is on the left, looking shocked, in mid speech with another reclining on a couch on the right
Disney+ / Marvel

Are your opinions mainstream or unique? Take the quiz here.

3. Can You Tell The WandaVision Character From These Simple Drawings?

Line drawings of Wanda and Vision
Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Squiggly blob with horns = Wanda, obviously. Take the quiz here.

4. Which WandaVision Song Is Your Anthem?

Disney+ / Marvel

Are you more of a "We've Got Something Cooking" or "Agatha All Along" type of person? Take the quiz here.

5. Everyone Is Either A Wanda Or A Vision — Which One Are You?

Vision and Wanda in "Captain America: Civil War"

Which half of this iconic duo are you? Take the quiz here.

6. Which WandaVision Sitcom Era Do You Belong In?

Wanda and Vision smiling in black and white and Wanda looking shocked in color
Disney+ / Marvel

Do you belong jiving in the '50s or boogieing in the '70s? Take the quiz here.

10. How Well Do You Know The New WandaVision Hit Song?

Agatha dressed in her witch costume
Disney+ / Marvel

Who's been pulling every evil string? Take the quiz here.

11. How Well Do You Remember The First Two Episodes Of WandaVision?

Disney+ / Marvel

Do you play close attention when you watch or not? Take the quiz here.

12. You're Either Darcy, Monica, Or Jimmy Woo From WandaVision — Find Out Who

Disney+ / Marvel

Do you and Jimmy Woo secretly have everything in common? Take the quiz here.

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