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Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Had A Baby In A Film And It Was A Disaster

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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When Luke finds out, he decides to move to Romina's town to support her and their child because even though he's a bit of a badass, it's the right thing to do

This all happens in the first act of the film / Via

Without wanting to ruin the rest of the movie, there's a whole subplot as Avery uncovers police corruption and Ray Liotta turns up as his boss because this is a crime drama film and it's the law that Ray Liotta is in it.

Jason makes friends with AJ (Emory Cohen). They hang out and smoke weed because that's what all teenagers in movies do / Via

AJ is Avery's son, which is awkward and a bit of a coincidence, but let's go with it. They don't realise at the time, but Jason eventually finds out.

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