Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Had A Baby In A Film And It Was A Disaster

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

1. This is Ryan Gosling

2. This is Eva Mendes

Vs magazine / Via famemagazine.co.uk

3. According to the internet, they’re having a baby

Buzzfeed / Via google.co.uk

4. Sorry everyone

5. But wait! Hasn’t this happened before?

6. The Place Beyond The Pines is a crime drama film by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine). It came out in 2012

It’s really good.

7. Ryan Gosling is in it

He’s blond in it, too.

9. And Bradley Cooper, as cop Avery

But he’s not really important right now. Sorry, Brad.

10. Anyway, in the film (spoilers ahead, seriously, you’ve been warned), Gosling plays Luke, a travelling bike stunt rider

11. Mendes plays Romina. She meets Luke at one of his motorbike stunt shows

12. They have a thing together

13. And Romina gets pregnant and has a baby

14. When Luke finds out, he decides to move to Romina’s town to support her and their child because even though he’s a bit of a badass, it’s the right thing to do

Oh yeah, Gosling has a tattoo on his face in this film. It’s quite distracting.


15. Here’s Luke with the kid


16. Luke doesn’t have any money, so he goes into bank robbing with his boss, obviously

17. He has money now

Crime pays well

18. Luke and his boss Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) do more jobs

Here they are with a cute dog

19. But Robin gets cold feet and wants to stop

20. So Luke robs a bank on his own

21. It goes terribly and Luke flees

23. They end up in a house, with Luke hiding upstairs

Luke has no escape.
He calls Romina and begs her not to tell their child what happened to him.

24. They shoot each other

Luke dies. Avery survives.

25. Here’s Avery apologising to Romina

Avery shot first.

26. This all happens in the first act of the film

Without wanting to ruin the rest of the movie, there’s a whole subplot as Avery uncovers police corruption and Ray Liotta turns up as his boss because this is a crime drama film and it’s the law that Ray Liotta is in it.

27. Years later, Luke and Romina’s child - Jason - is in high school. He is played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

28. Jason makes friends with AJ (Emory Cohen). They hang out and smoke weed because that’s what all teenagers in movies do

AJ is Avery’s son, which is awkward and a bit of a coincidence, but let’s go with it. They don’t realise at the time, but Jason eventually finds out.

29. Jason looks up Luke’s past. He goes after Avery, who is now running for office, for revenge

He doesn’t shoot him, though.

30. Jason gets a bike and rides off into the sunset

Buzzfeed / Via youtube.com

The end.

31. So, yeah, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes having a baby didn’t go well in The Place Beyond The Pines

32. But that was just a film. Good luck, Ryan and Eva!

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