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25 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your JOMO - The Opposite Of FOMO

JOMO (noun): Joy of missing out.

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In an article titled JOMO vs. FOMO, Allan Wills talks about the "Joy of Missing Out" and how it contradicts the popular term FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out.

The act of JOMO-ing is "shutting the world out for sustained lengths of time."

Wills claims that "the world has changed from a time of 'I'm not here' to 'I'm here, look, I'm here. Everyone needs to know!'"

From experiencing JOMO either one Friday night or 7 nights a week, you know at one point you've shuddered at the thought of associating with people. Ugh.

1. You are SIGNIFICANTLY more awake and ready for the day if you stay in the night before.

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"What do sobers dream of when they take a little sober snooze?" If I were to guess, I would say rainbows, cotton candy, world peace… all things beautiful on this planet.

4. You aren't forced into having small talk with people you dislike.

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Sorry, annoying girl in my Econ discussion, you don't have to tell me how the pregame you went to was "legendary"-- I saw your 200 second Snap Story and still wasn't convinced.

8. You can listen to other people's embarrassing stories the next day and secretly love it because none of it happened to you.

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"There, there. It's okay. EVERYONE has eaten 12 Snickers ice cream bars and fallen asleep in the shower while trying to use Nutella as shampoo. Yes, its happened an uncountable number of times!"

When I say uncountable, I mean zero.

9. Waiting in line for a bar is horrid.

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Don't you DARE tell me you're not letting me in after I waited on the line for an hour and a half. I gave you everything! I was half a tequila virgin when I met you!

13. You KNOW you want that "special someone" to wonder where you are.

The Absolute Best GIFs / Via

Nothing says "I want to date you" more than sending him one worded texts and not showing up to his birthday pregame. You got this! (-_-)

14. You don't have to face that whole awkward "why didn't you answer my text today?" conversation.

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Dude, you sent me a text with "wazz" instead of "whats." Frankly, you just set yourself up for failure.

18. No one wants to be in charge of their sloppy friends.

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I know, I know... it's terrible that a guy you have Facebook stalked over 300 times didn't say hi to you at the bar. But you have to respect the restraining order and move on.

19. You won't be stuck taking 48 pictures of a bunch of girls.


"Wait, that one was blurry, can we get another?"

"No, no, flip the phone. Like-- no, the other way-- YES. There you go."

"OMG my legs literally look like tree trunks. Please, one more!!!"

I'm about to knock you over the head with a tree trunk.

20. You can avoid the stress of coming up with an Instagram caption to perfectly label your night.

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"How about, 'All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriends'!!!!!!!!"

All I need in this life of sin is brownie batter and tranquilizer gun.

24. You may not remember all of your night if you go out, but you'll never forget that 6th episode of Scandal.

Real Nebraska Girls / Via’re-Supposed-To-Hate-But-You-Absolutely-Love.aspx

"Waiting for the answers to a fuzzy night is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing." - A Cinderella Story.

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