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Your General Election Tweets Will Now Have Little Party Flags Next To Them

Twitter has launched #GE2015 "hashflags".

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Remember how during the World Cup you could use these little flags to support your team?


Well, now you can do it for the general election with your party of choice.


Everyone's getting very excited about them.


Well, not quite everyone.

Today I am launching #GE2015 hashflags! #shutup #goaway #makeitstop #notthisprickagain #ohdofuckoff #howmanymoreweeksofthisshitarethere

Expect trouble from the parties who have been outrageously excluded from having a hashflag.

Countdown to BNP and EngDems demanding their own #GE2015 #hashflags in 3, 2, 1...

The Loonies have already expressed their fury.

But, if your party does have a flag, then have fun.


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