The 29 Most WTF Moments In Scottish Politics In 2016

    A year of pigs, buffalo, and Boris Johnson being "a pure fanny".

    1. The genuine highlight of the Scottish election was when Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie was upstaged by some amorous pigs.

    Looking back over today's Willie Rennie i/v. "We like to send a pictorial message about what we're asking for."

    2. There was an absolutely absurd conspiracy theory that The Sun photoshopped its paper into Nicola Sturgeon's hands in place of The Dandy.

    Twitter / The Sun

    3. David Coburn said this on the night of the referendum when the value of the pound crashed.

    What happened when I asked UKIP MEP David Coburn if he was concerned about the value of the pound plummeting.

    4. A Lib Dem candidate in the Scottish election made an indecipherable point about women being less strong than men so they're worse at elections.

    5. Notorious pro-independence pressure group the Scottish Resistance posted an underwhelming April Fools' joke claiming that they had recruited J.K. Rowling.

    OH MY WORD. The Scottish Resistance have done an April Fools starring @jk_rowling.

    6. Then J.K. Rowling posted a photo actually wearing a Resistance shirt.

    @JamieRoss7 @ExcelPope They needn't have used photoshop, though.

    7. People went absolutely fucking tonto about Tesco taking the Scotland flag off its packets of strawberries.

    @BRWombat Hi Eileen, over the past year, we received several customer complaints regarding Scottish flags on strawberries in England. 1/5

    8. UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn did this breathtaking impression of Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale.

    9. A Glaswegian reacted to Boris Johnson's appointment as foreign secretary with this artwork.

    And as we wake up this morning...Glasgow reacts in the only way it feels right...sweet and fitting etc #BorisJohnson

    10. Then the local council removed it, and it was almost immediately replaced with this instead.

    11. An SNP MP speculated that the BBC shrinks Scotland in its weather map to undermine Scottish nationalism.

    How the #BBC works to make Scotland literally appear less significant: "The BBC Versus Reality".

    12. The BBC momentarily confused Nicola Sturgeon with an ape.

    Mistake, or deliberate. You decide! @NicolaSturgeon @BBCBreakfast

    13. Ruth Davidson rode a goddamn buffalo.

    14. Scotland's rural newspapers managed to find the local angle of Donald Trump's shock election victory.

    Ellon Times

    15. Willie Rennie held his party's manifesto launch in a jungle-themed adventure playground.

    16. UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn said he wanted to leave the European Union because of his shite toaster.

    My toaster takes 4 attempts before bread goes brown and can put. My Dundee marmalade on many thanks to EU

    17. SNP MSP John Mason boldly suggested closing down all hospitals.

    18. Then he speculated that most people hate the English.

    Remember when John Mason MSP came out with this belter?

    19. Then he revealed that he didn't know the difference between debt and deficit.

    For those who were busy at the weekend, may I present this from Holyrood finance committee member John Mason MSP.

    20. So this guy's 6-year-old son explained it to him.

    @therealc3 @JohnMasonMSP @DazRTaylor @edglasgow59 I did...

    21. Ruth Davidson scored this absolute screamer.

    Where's Ruth Davidson when you need someone to take a penalty? #POL #POR

    22. The country extended a warm welcome to Donald Trump when he visited his Scottish golf course in June.

    23. Including comedian Simon Brodkin, who threw swastika golf balls at the next US president.

    Trump interrupted by protester with swastika golf balls. WATCH:

    24. Nicola Sturgeon absolutely rinsed this journalist for commenting on her outfit.

    @skydavidblevins oh no, male journalist and male politician wear same suit!! :-)

    25. Mhairi Black made a fool of an idiot who gave her homophobic abuse.

    @Maxaretunit @KTHopkins @Nero you mean Mhaira Black? That gruff old lezzer?

    @_Genius_Loci it's 'Mhairi'. At least spell the name right when you're insulting the gruff, rather young lesbian*

    26. A legal case over a pro-independence camp being evicted from the Scottish parliament resulted in a man dressed as Jesus Christ running around a courtroom.

    The man who says he'a Christ is standing on the benches shouting about a miscarriage of justice. The police are chasing him.

    27. The front pages of The National continued to be weird.

    The National

    28. This SNP MP tried to make David Coburn look like an idiot but misspelled stupidest.

    Angus MacNeil accuses David Coburn of being the stupidest guy in Scotland. Fails to spell stupidest correctly.

    29. Finally, this incredible trolling session when people convinced David Coburn on Periscope that his microphone wasn't working.

    Pranking UKIP's David Coburn during a Periscope broadcast by telling him his mic's not on. Highlight of the week.

    Bring on the thrillride of the local council elections in 2017!

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