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The 45 Most WTF Moments In Scottish Politics In 2015

The man who wore a fake moustache to a TV debate. #NeverForget

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1. A seagull shat on the leader of the Scottish Resistance.

Amazing. I was just speaking to "the leader of the Scottish resistance" and a bird shat on him.

2. This pro-independence Scot wrote and performed a song called "I'm The Nasty Cybernat" to the tune of "I'm The Urban Spaceman".

3. Jeremy Corbyn visited Scotland and, after some gentle persuasion from Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, downed some Irn Bru.

Don't panic @JamieRoss7 - all is well

4. It was discovered that Alex Salmond once played the role of a ghost in a Pakistani soap opera.

5. The Daily Record reacted to that story about David Cameron with this front page.

Tuesday's Daily Record: The Sow (and a vow of silence) #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

7. The Scottish Resistance attempted to have David Cameron arrested for war crimes at their local police station.

8. Alex Salmond claimed he had seen evidence that ghosts exist.

Alex Salmond claims evil spirits stalk the earth, refusing to move on when their time is up


9. This man wore a fake moustache while he was in the audience at a TV debate just to give his mates at home a laugh.

Sorry. I know there are much more important issues to discuss in #ScotDebates. But is that moustache real?

10. UKIP MEP David Coburn revealed to the Scottish parliament that women are "a special sort of a man".

11. Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale claimed she could beat up a baboon.

Baboon's are ferocious, they could tear you limb from limb. They're like badgers, but worse. No way Kezia Dugdale could beat one up.

12. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson claimed she could beat up a chimpanzee.

.@JamieRoss7 I reckon I could take a fully-grown chimp. They're strong, but I'm sneaky and cussed. And when the red mist descends, brutal.


14. This guy got Nicola Sturgeon to propose to his boyfriend on his behalf.

...Paul (seen here on one knee) asked me to deliver his marriage proposal to Ian on his behalf 2/3...

15. Alex Salmond performed this impression of Yoda.

17. SNP minister Angela Constance only found out she was doing a live interview while it was happening.

18. Nicola Sturgeon gatecrashed this guy's stag do.

I'm at a stag in Scotland so of course the stag met Nicola Sturgeon.

19. Jeremy Corbyn pointed at some children in Edinburgh.

22. This member of the Scottish Resistance repeatedly shouted "Freedom!" when someone tried to take the microphone away from him at a rally.

23. JK Rowling started tweeting regularly about Scottish politics, confusing the vast majority of her fans.

24. SNP MP Owen Thompson said the Conservatives had their worst electoral performance in Scotland for "generections".

25. Swedish DJ Avicii inexplicably came out for Scottish independence.

.@Sssstrachan youre the worst thing to happen to Scotland since the act of union.

26. Michael Gove started walking everywhere with a gang of silent people in Nicola Sturgeon masks, like Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls.

27. Enormous billboards of Alex Salmond holding Ed Miliband captive in his pocket were put up all over the UK, and it obviously became a meme.

Of all the pictures of Ed Miliband they could of used for the Tory election poster... #GE2015

28. Former Labour MP David Hamilton called Nicola Sturgeon "a wee lassie wae a tin helmet oan".

29. Then SNP supporters, and their dogs, started wearing tin helmets to take the piss out of him.

Night prayer; just before I lay to sleep I pray the Lord more #tinhat tweets. These #tinhatdug ones are the funniest.

30. SNP MP Angus MacNeil locked himself in the toilet after going into the wrong lobby to vote, leading to a Labour MP tweeting this.

31. Former Labour MP Tom Harris gave up campaigning during the election and started posting videos of himself dragging his dog around his living room.

View this video on YouTube

32. An absolutely bloody massive painting of Alex Salmond with the body of an ape was displayed outside one of the TV debates.

Alex Salmond as King Kong in artist Kaya Mar's painting on display outside Merhodist Central Hall ahead of TV debate.


39. Jim Murphy became the most photoshopped man in Scottish politics.

Jim Murphy as the child catcher from Chitty Bang Bang.

40. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson fed me an iced lollipop.

.@RuthDavidsonMSP feeds a Solero to @JamieRoss7. God, I love general elections.


42. Scotland's political leaders agreed to stop working and watch Andy Murray play tennis.

@RuthDavidsonMSP @NicolaSturgeon yes, there in a minute, looking for the Pimms

43. A Canadian man called Jim Murphy politely dealt with relentless abuse meant for the other Jim Murphy.

44. It was revealed that Alex Salmond used the pseudonym "Captain Kirk" when boarding flights, leading to this tweet from William Shatner.

@AlexSalmond There are easier ways to ask for an autograph! 😘

45. Some people started camping outside the Scottish parliament and vowed to stay there until independence.

#indycamp begins. #Freedom! #DontBombSyria #FreePalestine #KILLTHETV #KILLTHEPOWER

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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