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Nigel Farage Disguised Himself As A Builder In An Attempt To Avoid A Camera Crew

A UKIP source told BuzzFeed News it was a way of leaving "without attracting too much attention".

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Nigel Farage has been filmed trying to sneak out of UKIP HQ disguised as a builder in a high-vis jacket and hardhat.

BBC Three

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Comedian Jolyon Rubinstein was filming a BBC Three show called An Idiot's Guide to Politics, which airs on Wednesday night at 9pm.

Rubinstein was attempting to give UKIP employees a "lie detector" test, and asked various staffers questions such as "Have you ever been in the BNP?"

A black car pulled up, and Farage, dressed as a builder, tried to sneak in. He was spotted by Rubinstein's crew and appeared to attempt to grab the camera before being driven away.

A UKIP source told BuzzFeed News why Farage was dressed up as a builder:

The BBC were outside harassing all sorts of people who had nothing to do with UKIP and were just sat there. It was a way of Nigel leaving without attracting too much attention. It took them a while to clock it was him.

You can watch the full clip on the BBC website.

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