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We Asked Pro- And Anti-Jeremy Corbyn Labour Groups What He Should Do Next

The Momentum and Progress groups are at the Labour conference and have hugely different hopes for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. We asked them what he should do now.

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Possibly the two most opposed groups are the left-wing and pro-Corbyn pressure group Momentum, and a centrist group closely associated with Tony Blair and New Labour called Progress.

Luckily, both groups held rallies on Monday near the main conference hall, so BuzzFeed News asked a random selection of people at each event to set out what Corbyn's priority should be with his new mandate.


"Re-select the plotters!"

"Deal with the threats effectively."


"Stop the purges, lift suspensions, no vengeance, unite!"

"Win the next general election!"


"To democratise the Labour party."

"Address concerns head-on, not in generalities."


"Get Blairites out and fight for socialist policies."

"Listen to the country and find Labour a path to power."


"Address real crisis of climate change."

"Create a progressive, patriotic platform for Labour."


"All MPs should be prepared to stand by their true beliefs. If that means finding another route to take [or another] party this needs to happen."

"Win power for those who need a Labour government."

"Unite the party to come together and beat the Tories."

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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