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24 Things You'll Miss About The Labour Leadership Campaign

Like all good things, the Labour leadership campaign has come to an end. Voting closed on Thursday, and the result will be announced on Saturday. Here are the many, many things you'll miss.

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1. Jeremy Corbyn not quite managing to master the art of the smiling selfie with his fans, despite repeated attempts.

2. Receiving more texts from Labour campaigners than from your closest family and friends.

3. Watching Andy Burnham go to increasingly extravagant lengths to prove he is a true northerner.

Andy Burnham's favourite biscuit is... beer, chips and gravy. Biscuits are clearly too Westminster bubble

4. Getting strange phone calls from Liz Kendall when you're at work.

Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed

5. People creating frankly disturbing Jeremy Corbyn fan art.

6. Andy Burnham criticising soundbites so often that doing so became one of his most prominent soundbites.

Andy Burnham: People are "sick of politicians speaking in soundbites."

7. Hearing the word "aspiration" at least six times a day.

Just saw the Labour leadership election so far in five seconds: "I'm going to talk about aspiration" *mocking laughter*

8. People demanding Cooper or Burnham or Kendall or Corbyn pull out of the race for assorted reasons.

Yvette Cooper should pull out of the Labour leadership contest if she's not prepared to be a true Labour alternative to the Tories.

9. Liz Kendall not letting the haters get her down on Twitter.


10. Tony Blair writing weekly opinion pieces for The Observer about how confused he is about Jeremy Corbyn.

That new Blair editorial's pretty strong

11. People on Twitter going absolutely ballistic at Tony Blair for writing weekly opinion pieces for The Observer about how confused he is about Jeremy Corbyn.

I'm fairly sure Tony Blair thinks that we've all forgotten he is a delusional, paranoid warmongering lick-spittle Fuck off you mad bastard

12. Tory ministers absolutely pissing themselves with joy over Labour meltdown.

#Corbynmania reaches my chin. Temporarily.

13. Pictures of Jeremy Corbyn looking vaguely distressed on a night bus being viral gold.

Shook his hand and wished him all the best as he travelled on a London bus late at night with the riff raff. #Corbyn

14. The Telegraph telling everyone how to vote in Labour's leadership to destroy Labour.


15. The Telegraph then going on to tell everyone, in a panic, that they shouldn't actually vote for Corbyn.


16. Being reminded that Andy Burnham is ABSOLUTELY NOT from the Westminster bubble.

BREAKING: Andy Burnham spotted fleeing across the Thames from the Westminster Bubble -

16. Completely inexplicable Tumblr memes about Andy Burnham.

18. People who aren't Tories being angrily accused of being Tories.

shut up gordon brown you red tory asshat

19. The creation of T-shirts like this.

20. Ned the cat mulling over his choice for Labour leader after being accepted as a member.

Hayley Campbell / BuzzFeed

21. Liz Kendall's cheeky wink.

22. Stella Creasy releasing videos of her reading out insults people have sent to her, including "you look like an alien egg".

23. Jeremy Corbyn single-handedly reviving the art of keeping a pen in your shirt pocket.

Jeremy Corbyn has a pen in the pocket of his shirt. It's hard not to warm to him.

24. But, maybe most of all, this look.

fifteen minutes into “worker’s revolution and chill” and he gives you this look

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