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    21 Problems Scottish People Face When They Move To London

    There comes a time in many Scottish lives when a move to London is unavoidable. Be warned: it's difficult to find Tennent's.

    1. It's hard to leave.

    2. The train down to London is full of other people who don't want to leave Scotland.

    3. Arriving is terrifying.

    4. Everyone thinks your accent is hilarious.

    5. It takes forever to cross the road.

    6. Hotels are expensive.

    7. Flats are expensive.

    8. Everything is expensive.

    9. The underground is too big.

    10. Men wear tops, even if it's sunny.

    11. Pigeons. Pigeons everywhere.

    12. Pubs don't automatically serve Tennent's Lager.

    13. Irn Bru becomes an exotic luxury.

    14. There's a hipster epidemic.

    15. You will be asked how you voted in the referendum within five minutes of meeting someone.

    16. Lots of Scottish people end up here.

    17. You'll start saying 'mate' more.

    18. A thing is always happening.

    19. Scottish money is actually accepted.

    20. You'll gradually feel less like a tourist.

    21. Scotland isn't really that far away.