The Woman Who Started The "Close All Borders" Petition Spends Half The Year In Spain

    Over 400,000 people have signed the petition started by Tina Reeves, who owns a house in Spain.

    The woman who started a petition calling on the UK to "close all borders" to immigrants has a property in Spain where she spends about six months of the year.

    The petition, which has over 400,000 signatures, demands that all borders are closed until ISIS is defeated, and the petition is currently being considered for a debate in parliament.

    However, in an interview with Russia Today, the creator of the petition, Tina Reeves, was revealed to be based in Jaen, Spain.

    Reeves told BuzzFeed News she worked in Spain and owns a property there. She now spends around half her time in the country trying to sell the house, although she insists she doesn't live there.

    "I worked for a company that had interests in Benalmadena, Malaga, Torrevieja and Tenerife," said Reeves. "I worked in Spain for eight years before it joined the EU, that is why I bought the house.

    "I do not currently live in Spain, I periodically come over to sort out my house which has been on the market for over five years and has been broken into nine times."

    Reeves, whose petition states that immigration endangers the UK population, denied that it was hypocritical to call for the closure of Britain's borders despite flying back and forth between her homes in Spain and the UK.

    She said: "Frankly, even if I did live in Spain, I am still a British citizen with my entire family in England – do I not have a right to care about my country and its people?"