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The Tories Have "Sod All To Offer The Young", Says Martin Freeman

The star of The Hobbit is in Labour's latest election campaign video.

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Martin Freeman is the star of Labour's latest general election campaign video, in which he says the Conservatives have "sod all to offer the young".

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In the simple video, in which the star of The Office appears in a plain white room, Freeman tells voters the general election campaign will "probably drive you mad, it will probably drive me mad, but don't switch off yet".

Freeman says the election "boils down to a simple choice between a Labour government and a Conservative government" and "a choice between two completely different sets of values".

He says Labour will protect the NHS and ban zero-hour contracts, and that "the Conservatives have sod all to offer the young, but Labour will invest in the next generation's education."

He adds: "The bottom line is what values are we choosing, because in the end this choice we make really does matter."

Freeman's partner, Amanda Abbington, tweeted her support with a the hashtag "#fuckthetories", which she has since apologised for.

Well, that was a murky, vile 30 minutes. Clearly never type "fuckthetories" or make a mistake anywhere ever, then sort that mistake out.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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