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People Are Confused By The Incredibly Weird Way Tory Ministers Are Standing

What exactly are they doing?

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One big question has emerged from the Conservative party conference in Manchester: Why did Tory ministers decide to stand like this?

Tolga Akmen / LNP / Rex / REX USA

George Osborne and Theresa May both opted for this stance. Why?

Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment / PA

It has left a nation confused.

People are unnerved. They're scared. Why would they stand like this?

"Right George act natural" "ok" "No, stand like a human would stand" "How" "Stand normally" "what"

"This is not how normal people stand, is it?"

This is not how normal people stand, is it?

People have speculated that it's the work of a diabolical genius of a body language coach.

There is a very, very expensive body language coach floating in a pool of money somewhere, laughing his tits off -

Others think Osborne is just emulating the stance of his sporting heros.

George Osborne's about to take a free kick, the ball being poor people & public services. Current score, sadly 16-0.

Or maybe his musical heroes.

'All the single ladies, all the single ladies'.

The photos somehow feel familiar to those who play classic fighting games.

What the hell is going on here? This looks like a character selection screen in a shite version of Mortal Combat.

General Boles is hoping for the complete action figure set for Christmas.

I've got the George Osborne action figure.....hoping for the Theresa May one this Xmas

To be fair, he has almost mastered the theatrical heroic stance from Blackadder.

Osborne even has problems standing, I so hope the country isn't stupid enough to allow this man into Number 10...

Michael Gove gave The Stance a go, but didn't quite manage to do it as powerfully as Osborne and May.

Michael Gove having a right old ding dong with @afneil on the BBC. "You were one of my favourite pupils," Gove said.

A cabinet source, when asked who told ministers to do The Stance, firmly denied involvement, saying: "Wasn't me!"

Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment / PA

Which leaves the question – why? Why are they standing like this?

Tolga Akmen / LNP / Rex / REX USA

The people must know.

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