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SNP Voters Are Making Fun Of Boris Johnson By Imagining The #Jockalypse

Boris Johnson thinks the SNP are about to cause an "ajockalypse", and their supporters can't wait.

Boris Johnson has warned voters about the perils of a Labour government being backed up by the SNP, saying he thinks it would end up in a disastrous "Ajockalypse Now" scenario.

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SNP voters could have taken offence at the word "jock" – a slur for Scottish people – but instead, they're having the time of their lives plotting the impending #Jockalypse.

A terrifying forecast of the upcoming #Jockalypse Rivers will boil and the sea will be turned unto stone.

With the election just one day away, after which the SNP could hold the balance of power, their troops are getting their marching boots on.

I've got my shoes on, just awaiting the #Jockalypse

One activist posted this scene from a local branch meeting this afternoon.

#Jockalypse Local SNP branch spend a quiet afternoon pony trecking.

They're crafting their Trojan horse to take to London.

MI5 believes @theSNP will use a "Trojan Horse" method of invasion for the #Jockalypse.

Manning their ships.

Jarl Squad from Shetland preparing to sail up the Thames to take over the Met Police #Jockalypse

Rallying their soldiers.

And their rabid dogs of war are ready.

Things just got serious, bring in the dogs of war #Jockalypse

Things will change in the rest of the UK when the #Jockalypse comes. Public toilets are going to get very confusing.

Fear it. Fear the #Jockalypse

The English language is about to change forever.

#Jockalypse 'how' to replace the word 'why' across the entire UK.

Commutes will become a nightmare.

This is what the streets of London will look like if the SNP have their wicked way. That what you want? #Jockalypse

Votes in House of Commons will be decided by the "yer maws!"

The ayes vs noes in the House of Commons shall now be referred to as the ayes VS yer maws. "The yer maws have it" #Jockalypse

The beefeaters in the Tower of London will look like this.

Tower of London guards will have new hats #jockalypse

You have some punishing pilgrimages ahead.

Everyone will be forced to make a pilgrimage to Scotland at least once. This will involve walking 500 miles, and then 500 more #Jockalypse

And this will be the UK's new weapon system.

The SNP plan to scrap Trident and replace it with these three guys. Is that what you want? #Jockalypse

Watch out, Boris.

#Jockalypse you will be required to wear a kilt at all times, so as to make everyone look cool!

The #Jockalypse is coming.

Beware of the signs of #Jockalypse ,aggressive accent develops,craving for battered chocolate & unstoppable sarcasim.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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