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An MP Trying To Ban The Coca-Cola Truck Has Been Accused Of Hating Christmas

Keith Vaz – the MP who stole Christmas.

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An MP has been condemned as "a grinch" after telling the Coca-Cola Christmas truck to keep out of his constituency in Leicester.

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Keith Vaz, a diabetic, said the truck, which to many marks the start of the Christmas season, isn't welcome in his city because it promotes a "real health hazard".

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"The Coca-Cola truck is not welcome in Leicester," the MP said on Wednesday, "and this national tour to promote sugar-laden drinks is ill-judged and unwise at a time of record diabetes and obesity levels."

He quipped: "This tour is not the 'real thing', it is the wrong thing."

The public has reacted terribly to Vaz's suggestion, branding Vaz "a grinch".

@Leicester_Merc Sounds like @Keith_Vaz has turned into Leicester's very own 'Grinch'...! A sugary drink in moderation is no issue!

Joe Clark accused Vaz of hating the festive season.

@Keith_Vaz wow you come out with some rubbish. Hate Christmas maybe? Glad I don't live in your constituency

"The man is effectively trying to cancel Christmas."

Keith Vaz is trying to ban the Coca-Cola lorry from coming to Leicester. The man is effectively trying to cancel Christmas.

Emma Allcock insisted Vaz could not stop the holidays from coming.

@Keith_Vaz The grinch who stole Christmas! I'm all for tackling sugary drinks, but not stopping holidays are comin'!

While Kristian Naylor suggested a different kind of campaign to ban something from Leicester.

Keith Vaz wants to stop the Coca Cola Christmas trucks coming to Leicester. I would prefer it if we stopped him coming to Leicester.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola insisted last night that the trip to Leicester would go ahead despite Vaz's objections, and that people would be able to select Diet Coke or Coke Zero as well as the sugary original.

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