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This Fake Liz Kendall Campaign Site Is Weirdly Magnificent

It's been a host of different websites today. Some of them involve me.

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Her campaign website is But she seemed to have forgotten to register the

People suspected foul play from Burnham's team, but they were quick to deny any involvement.

@adamdfox @jonwillchambers Nothing to do with Andy's campaign


Just as political journalists got excited about dirty tactics in the Labour leadership campaign, the site changed to a Rick-Roll.

Ah, it's now changed to a Rick Rolling site. Fun while it lasted.

Weird. But then things got even weirder, because a few minutes later, suddenly changed to this countdown to the annual celebration of Ed Balls Day.

The ongoing saga of the site: it is now this.

Then, moments later, it changed again – to this advice from someone who had a sexual relationship with a horse.

Now it's this.

All of the different websites had one thing in common: The title was "Register your fucking domains."


By now, I was refreshing every second, and reporting every change on Twitter.

It became an incredibly exciting experience to see what would come up on the site next.

I'd go as far to say that is my favourite website now. Every time I click on it is so exciting.


WHAT. Now it's this.

It seemed I'd covered the story so comprehensively, I'd unwittingly become part of it.


Then it became Nyan Cat, and my moment of glory was over. Or so I thought.

Then it moved to celebrate obscure Scottish political meme Balustrade Lanyard, based on a comedy Twitter account that was recently suspended.


Then it had a full-screen video of Alan Partridge playing air guitar – complete with Daft Punk soundtrack.

So is now an unending video of Alan Partridge playing air guitar to Daft Punk

But, by the time you read this, it could be literally anything. Here, have a look.

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