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The BBC Prerecorded A Scottish Leaders' Debate And Lots Of People Think It's A Conspiracy

"Plenty time to edit, add and remove cheers," said one SNP voter.

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BBC Scotland is hosting a TV debate tonight between six Scottish party leaders.

Scottish party leaders prepare to go head-to head in a BBC Scotland debate

But the debate isn't being shown live, so as soon as BuzzFeed News arrived in host city Aberdeen, people voiced their suspicion of potential "hoojeemeflips".

Told a taxi driver tonight's BBC debate is pre-recorded. "That'll be so the BBC can do edits and hoojeemeflips then," he says.

You see, some SNP voters think the BBC is biased against independence, so they sense foul play.

BBC will be showing recorded debate not live, plenty time to edit and add or remove cheers #leadersdebate #dodgyBBC

So the debate tonight isn't live. Hmm, gives the BBC time to edit the footage, adding and deleting applauses, to suit themselves!

So, tonight's Leaders Debate on BBC @9pm actually started 20 mins ago - why isn't it being shown live? Selective editing perhaps?

So this is not a live debate @BBCScotlandNews debate has already started and being recorded, why?

One thought the BBC was trying to help "creepy" Jim Murphy, the Scottish Labour leader.

It's not live, how can we trust the BBC to show a fair & balanced #leadersdebate might as well SKY+ & ff #creepyjim then #VoteSNP #GE15

But it was the deceit that Jim Robertson couldn't accept.

@jae_sallstrom it's the deceit that I can't accept. Yet, BBC expects us to meekly say, OK. When has a leaders debate not been shown live?

Then people started cruelly teasing the conspiracy theorists.

V clever of MI6 to arrange for BBC #ScotDebates to be pre-recorded so that Cameron + lackeys at the Beeb can edit out Sturgeon's best lines

They suggested people tune in on the MI5 website.

Watch tonight's leaders debate Live right now. #LeadersDebate #ScotDebates

And started tweeting what was (or possibly was not) happening during the debate recording.

OMG they are recreating human centipede #ScotDebates

They claimed there was violence.

Nicola holds Ruth's feet to the fire on secret oilfields while Willie & David's earlier disagreement descends into a fist fight #ScotDebates

That David Coburn performed a series of elaborate dances.

*tut tuts* I am not sure that the Plain People of Scotland will like the fiery cross dance routine Coburn has slithered into. #ScotDebates

Including one harrowing jig involving Cornettos.

BREAKING: #ScotDebates mole confirms D Coburn MEP has attached hazelnut cornettos to his chest & is singing "Like a Virgin" to the audience.

What really happened? Tune in to find out.

The debate is over, on TV at 9. Will the BBC edit out the climactic ending when Jim Murphy hit the People's Elbow on Patrick Harvie?

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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