26 Incredibly Obscure Reasons Why People Claim George Galloway Blocked Them On Twitter

    Anyone who's anyone has been blocked by George Galloway – we asked you to tell us what you did to upset him.

    This is George Galloway, and he absolutely loves blocking people on Twitter.

    Galloway, the leader of the Respect party and election candidate in Bradford West, has blocked hundreds – possibly thousands – of people.

    We asked you to send us the reason you think you were #BlockedByGalloway.

    1. "I told him his hat made him look like the German doctor who did Autopsy Live on Channel 4."

    – Alex Brown

    2. "I think it might have been this in my case."

    Does it irritate you getting second billing to Dumfries? #askGalloway

    3. "I called him a tool."

    – Thomas Phipps

    4. "I responded to his request for a plumber."

    @JamieRoss7 @SuedByGalloway @aljwhite I was blocked because I responded to his request for a plumber & sent him mine's details. He's Israeli

    5. "I asked him whether he preferred free Wi-Fi over a free Palestine (he was tweeting about obtaining internet access somewhere)."

    – Anon.

    6. "I tweeted this, and I got blocked."

    Why do Russel Brand and George Galloway have such a fondness for wearing dinner shirts and jackets at times they are not implied by context?

    7. "I felt it was inappropriate for me not be blocked by him, and politely asked him to do the honourable thing. Within about 10 minutes he obliged. I am now at peace with myself and can now get on with my life."

    – Martin

    8. "Blocked for this."

    9. "Called him a twat, but didn't @ him in the tweet. Must have a lot of time on his hands."

    – Ed Longden

    10. "I was blocked by George Galloway for tweeting 'PARK LIFE' at him."

    11. "For taking the piss out of his hat."

    – Phillip Simmons

    12. "I sent him this picture."

    @JamieRoss7 @stvclaire #WhyYouWereBlockedByGalloway I was blocked because I sent him this picture

    13. "Shortly before Christmas, Galloway tweeted something like 'Have you read my website?' to all his followers. I replied, 'No,' to which he responded by saying I was banned from visiting anyway as I worked for The Sun, and that I was blocked as well."

    – Kevin Schofield

    14. "Blocked for this."

    @JamieRoss7 @Froufrou42 blocked for this #WhyWereYouBlockedByGalloway

    15. "I was blocked by George Galloway for booing him on Twitter this evening."

    – Peter Clarke

    16. "This."

    #WhyWereYouBlockedByGalloway I asked him if he supported Celtic or Dundee United

    17. "I was blocked by George Galloway after he said that a TV show he was watching was the funniest thing he had seen on TV for the last 10 years. I sent him a link to the infamous 'cat incident' and said that it was funnier and he blocked me."

    – Douglas Fleming

    18. "For meowing at him."

    @JamieRoss7 for meowing at him :)

    19. "Because I questioned why he was on tour in the Isle of Wight when he is the MP for Bradford West."

    – Luke Rigg

    20. "I offered him a bowl of Whiskas."

    @JamieRoss7 I offered him a bowl of Whiskas

    21. "Because I reported a denial made by a spokesman of something cybernats said he said in a debate."

    – Asa Bennett

    22. "Mine."

    @JamieRoss7 he blocked me for asking him why he called me a 'war mongerer' via a loudhailer on an open top bus in Rotherham.

    23. "Before a TV debate, I exchanged a couple of jokey tweets with a Yes supporter that mentioned leotards. After the debate I decided to follow Galloway and discovered that I was blocked."

    – Bruce Gilmour

    24. "For no reason at all."

    @JamieRoss7 for no reason, never tweeted him and noticed the other day I was blocked. Strange man

    25. "I did a nice sketch."

    @JamieRoss7 @GMillerAuthor I did a Nice sketch...

    26. "I just asked him to."

    @georgegalloway Sorry to bother you George but do you mind blocking me so I can tell people that you blocked me? Many thanks.