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Scotland Is An "England And Wales Issue", Conservative Minister Tells SNP MP

A spokesman said it was an "unfortunate administrative error".

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Scotland is an "England and Wales only" issue, the leader of the House of Commons has told an SNP MP.

Kirsty Blackman, the MP for Aberdeen North, submitted a written question to Conservative minister Chris Grayling in an attempt to clarify what would be English or English and Welsh issues under the proposed new system of "English votes for English laws".

The system – more commonly known as EVEL – would essentially give English and Welsh MPs a veto on laws which only affect those parts of the United Kingdom. The proposal has been criticised by Scottish MPs who say it would create "two tiers" of representatives in the Commons.

Blackman told BuzzFeed News she was "confused and baffled" when she received the answer, and believes it's evidence EVEL hasn't been properly thought through.

"It seems a bit shambolic, they could have scrutinised it a little bit better before sending it to me," said Blackman. "I know it's a mistake – well I really hope they don't think Scotland is the property of England and Wales – but it's pretty concerning when they're trying to push through this constitutional change by a standing order rather than legislation.

"It's really worrying that they're doing things in a shambolic way with no scrutiny."

SNP, Labour, and Liberal Democrat MPs have all expressed concern that EVEL is being rushed through parliament without a proper debate. An emergency Commons debate on the issue has been called on Tuesday, and Blackman believes the error in her written answer is further evidence of the current plans being "not fit for purpose".

A spokesman for the leader of the house said the inclusion of Scotland on the list of English and Welsh issues was a mistake.

"This was the result of an unfortunate administrative error," said the spokesman. "The record will be corrected tomorrow."

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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