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Nicola Sturgeon And Ruth Davidson Just Had A Big Stooshie On Twitter

Fight! Fight! Fight!

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After an incredibly busy year, Scotland's political leaders are taking a bit of a break at the moment – the Scottish parliament has broken up for summer.

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That doesn't mean they can just shut off completely. Oh no – Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is keeping a close eye on all politics news.

Screeching reverse ferret from George, here. Guess someone was called in for a quiet chat without coffee or biscuits

Davidson was tweeting some semi-controversial comments from SNP MP George Kerevan that Scotland would have to undergo years of "painful" cuts before seeing the benefits of being an independent country.

But what's this? Davidson wasn't the only leader who couldn't look away from Twitter during recess – first minister Nicola Sturgeon was there, and she had beef.

@RuthDavidsonMSP hi - while we have your you have anything to say about this?

Sturgeon was complaining about an announcement from the Ministry of Defence that the construction of a fleet of warships, due to be built on the Clyde in Glasgow, has been "delayed indefinitely".

The scrap was on, and Davidson hit back with this: If you're so great, Sturgeon, where are your warships, eh?

@NicolaSturgeon @guardian remind me again of the number of warships you planned to build in an independent Scotland? Zero, right?

But Sturgeon said Davidson was breaking the promises made during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. Oh yes, she went there.

@RuthDavidsonMSP the question was about the promise you made in 2014. How about explaining why it's being broken rather than deflecting?

Davidson staunchly defended her Conservative mates in Westminster. The ships aren't designed yet, she said, get over it.

@NicolaSturgeon Are you really suggesting building should start before design phase complete - or that ministers are in charge of design?

Then there was silence. It seemed, unbelievably, that the first minister of Scotland might have more important things to do than engage in Twitter beef.

Come on, @NicolaSturgeon, don't go... How many warships in indy Scotland? Build phase before or after design? Kerevan's cost of indy?

BOOM. All of a sudden, Sturgeon was back. You can't dodge responsibility, Davidson!

@RuthDavidsonMSP sorry - this isn't about independence - it's about promises you made in return for No vote. You can't dodge responsibility!

BOOOOM. You can't answer a question, Sturgeon, just like every week at First Minister's Questions. How do you like that?

@NicolaSturgeon And you can't seem to answer a single question. But Scotland's used to that at 12pm on a Thursday...

And you don't like being held to account, Davidson! Oh, and enjoy your holiday, said Sturgeon.

@RuthDavidsonMSP I think we've established you don't like being held to account. But seriously - enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Then Davidson said Sturgeon should enjoy her holiday in Portugal too, when it comes.

@NicolaSturgeon will do. Enjoy Portugal when it comes.

Which was a bit of an unsatisfying amicable end, to be honest. But it was fun while it lasted.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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