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People Are Taking The Piss Out Of David Cameron For Posting A Photo Of Himself Watching TV

The prime minister was watching British astronaut Tim Peake launch into space, but people only wanted to talk about pigs.

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The prime minister posted this photo of himself proudly watching astronaut Tim Peake blast off on Tuesday morning on his way to become the first Briton on the International Space Station.

It was great to watch Tim Peake blast off on his mission to join the International Space Station.

But Cameron was forgetting an internet law as immutable as gravity itself: For every tweet of him watching TV, a piss-taking meme will instantly emerge.

Literally seconds after Cameron posted his photo, people started spoiling the historic moment. For example, here's the PM watching Babestation.

.@David_Cameron History is truly being made.

Here he is forgetting to switch over from ITV.

@JamieRoss7 Don't worry Dave, sometimes my remote control gets stuck on ITV too.

And here he is confusing Independence Day for the news.

For some reason, lots of people made lots of jokes about the prime minister and pigs.

RT @David_Cameron Remembering better times

We can't think what allegations they were alluding to.

No idea.

No idea whatsoever.

@David_Cameron @HuffPostUKPics and on the other channel...

But here's Cameron watching Ainsley Harriott pour some olive oil into a pan.

Here he is wrongly identifying a Pokémon.

"...... Jigglypuff?" @David_Cameron

He watched George Galloway do a little dance in a red leotard.

He enjoyed seeing Jeremy Corbyn dressed as Santa handling some mince pies.

PM: "I haven't enjoyed TV this much since that Peppa Pig marathon last summer."

The prime minister also enjoyed live updates from the launch courtesy of Balustrade Lanyard.

In fact, by the end of it all, everything got a little bit weird.

But, unlike in this photo from when he watched the London Olympics in a Team GB uniform, at least Cameron didn't dress up for the occasion and watch the launch in a spacesuit.

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