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Why The Man Who Ran The Exit Poll Is Worthy Of Your Love And Respect

This man knows his goddamn polls.

This is the BBC's polling oracle, Professor John Curtice.

Here he is, getting all excited about his exit poll, which came out this evening.

He supervised the poll, which unexpectedly showed the Conservatives to be way out in front, so there's quite a bit of pressure on him tonight.

If he turns out to be wrong, he might need to make a speedy getaway.

John Curtice ordering a taxi for the nearest airport just in case.

Regardless, people absolutely love his hair, which is exactly how a professor's hair should look.

God I love John Curtice’s hair. Just how a political academic should look.

Guardian journalist Stuart Heritage is enjoying watching it become even more frazzled as the evening goes on.

BBC One. That poll guy’s hair is getting more and more unkempt. Next time they cut back to him it’ll be on fire.

"He looks like he brushed it with a balloon."

@stuheritage He looks like he brushed it with a balloon.

Anyway, he's spending the night hanging around on this balcony like the phantom of the opera.

People are concerned that he's not being given enough prominence and that he doesn't have a seat.

Poor John Curtice. He's always shoved into a corner, on a balcony, or in a back room. Give the man a seat! #GE2015

Others are texting photos of John Curtice to their friends.

Probably the best conversation I've ever had #johncurtice

His students at Strathclyde University think he's the best "eccentric bampot lecturer" going.

John Curtice was my favourite eccentric bampot lecturer at Strathy #legend #ge2015

Some want to go out on the piss with him.

I want to see John Curtice pissed up. #BBCElection2015 #GE2015

Whatever happens in the election, his pearls of wisdom are always one of the highlights of election night.

"One swallow doesn't make a summer" - wise words from John Curtice, who is alway the star of election night for me. #GE2015