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    16 All-Male Panels At The Tory Party Conference Talking About Serious Stuff

    We're less than two days into the Conservative conference in Manchester, but lots of men have already talked about things with other men.

    1. This Countryside Alliance event where the boys discussed why people who shoot animals are "the real conservationists".

    Jamie Ross / BuzzFeed

    2. Look at all of these men talking about money.

    Excellent panel on how technology can solve the crisis of consumer engagement with financial services at #cpc15 #tc15

    3. Here are the fellas talking about a campaign to make people walk more.

    Our #CPC15 fringe panel Robert Goodwill Transport Minister, @LGAcomms David Westly, @keithmgillespie @JoeIrvinLS

    4. This Campaign for Real Ale fringe meeting where the lads had some banter about beer and pubs.

    At the @CAMRA_Official fringe event debating how we can all support the Great British Pub industry. #cpc15

    5. This event was hosted by the CPS think tank, where six men all talked about Europe like great big bloody blokes.

    CPS Director @TimkCPS chairing a panel on whether the US should back brexit at #CPC15

    6. Here are some legends in deep discussion about #fotbot.

    Great @BritishOverseas panel. Proud supporter of the organisation and for all the OTs bring to UK. #FOTBOT #CPC15

    7. These men talked about technology and machines. It was like Top Gear. Fantastic.

    Thank you to our panel @MLiebreich @roxley @willtanner1 @jagsingh and the audience #CPC15 #tc15

    8. Here are four massive lads taking action on housing.

    Thanks @BrandonLewis @John_J_C_Moss & panel for an interesting event, many #housing solutions now need action #CPC15

    9. These gents led the discussion at the LGBTory fringe.

    Our 1st formal fringe of #cpc15 on HIV with @philipcbaldwin, @THTorguk, @StuartAndrew, @davidbridleboyz & #halveit MG

    10. There are structural challenges facing charities, but don't worry – these chaps have it all in hand.

    Charities can provide major efficiencies & improvements in care but face structural challenges - @ACEVO #cpc15 fringe

    11. Here are some gentlemen discussing the exclusively male issue of council tax.

    Listening to @the_tpa fringe on how to cut council tax. #Worthing #CPC15

    12. This event from Conservative Home looked particularly fun and testosterone-filled.

    Liam Fox makes sly claim for contributing to May election win at Conhome event; responding to Corbyn. His role was?

    13. Here are lots of men watching a smaller number of men talk about the "northern powerhouse".

    Packed room listening to @jameswhartonuk & panel on the future of the Northern Powerhouse #cpc15

    14. These chaps are sorting out local government for everyone.

    Our President @ECR_CoR underlined the important role of #localgov in helping achieve better regulation in EU #CPC15

    15. Men. Finance. Technology. Lovely stuff.

    .@moneyhubapp driving a debate on the role of Tech to rebuild trust in financial services industry #CPC15

    16. Finally, here are some men thinking in their "think tent".

    The @iealondon talk inequality in @ThinkTent2015 with @JGBartholomew @johnredwood David Willetts MP & @FraserNelson

    The Conservative party conference is now looking forward to two more days of men talking about things.

    Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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