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    People Are Furious That Owen Smith Woke Them Up With A Text At 4am

    The Labour leadership contender has lost the support of people trying to have a Sunday lie-in.

    Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith texted loads of people in the middle of the night asking for support, and they're unsurprisingly not very happy about that.

    Poor form from team Owen Smith, trying to sleep off a hangover over here.

    The campaign texts, promising policies that "matter to us all", went out from midnight on Saturday onwards. A campaign spokesperson blamed it on a glitch.

    Hey @OwenSmith_MP when I said inbox me, I didn't mean drunk text me at 4am! #desperate #JezWeCan @LabourEoin

    "There was a technical glitch with the system used for sending out messages, which meant some texts were delivered after the intended 8pm cut-off," said the spokesperson. "We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

    The text got a particularly frosty reception from supporters of current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    I don't like to be text at 4am, @OwenSmith_MP, but I'm afraid I'm voting for @jeremycorbyn.

    Some people called on Smith to apologise for the rude awakening.

    Morning @OwenSmith_MP Will you apologise to the thousands you text overnight, like 2am? I'd urge people to report your nuisance texts. #Marr

    Others have just complained on Twitter.

    Imagine my thrill at looking at my phone at 1am and seeing a text off Owen Smith looking for support.

    While some have vowed not to vote for him after the text.

    I got a text message at 00.30hrs from @OwenSmith_MP asking if i would vote for him - waking me up made it an even more emphatic no! #labour

    Did Owen Smith genuinely just do a mass text mailout at 4:16am on a Sunday UK time

    Waking me up with a text at 8.02am on a Sunday just makes me even less likely to vote for you @OwenSmith_MP

    Holidays were ruined.

    @Redlabour2016 @Antonineone1 My cousin has text me from her holiday in Italy, Livid that Owen Smith has text for support! Harassment, YES!

    Husbands were angered.

    Hey @OwenSmith_MP @owensmith2016 this text woke my husband up just after 3 in the morning :( #KeepCorbyn

    Although some people thanked Smith for his dedication to the cause.

    @OwenSmith_MP thanks for the personal text this morning at 1am Owen. Obviously you are working hard!

    The texts were still going out later on Sunday morning, but that didn't seem to improve the reaction much.

    Just got an unsolicited text from @OwenSmith_MP

    And some people are just feeling left out.

    Where's my 2am drunk text from Owen smith at?

    But, if you don't want to be woken up by 4am messages from the Labour leadership campaigns, it might be a good idea to turn off your notifications before bed in future.