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    21 Times People Absolutely Lost Their Shit Over The "Constitutional Crisis"

    The House of Lords has delayed George Osborne's tax credit reform, leading to the chancellor claiming there are "constitutional issues" to be dealt with. As expected, the nation has descended into chaos.

    1. As the news of the government defeat in the Lords spread on Monday night, the nation reacted as one in panic.

    View from my window #constitutionalcrisis

    2. People started preparing for the inevitable hardships our country will now face.

    Are we at the jerrycan filling stage yet #constitutionalcrisis

    3. Horrifying images of unimaginable chaos swept social media.

    Live scenes of the chaos as a constitutional crisis takes hold of the UK.

    4. The news spread fast and people reacted in shock.

    Just got in & heard about the #constitutionalcrisis. Should have guessed from all those people huddling round TV displays in shop windows.

    5. Some heroes, unshaken by the crisis, started to take pragmatic steps to deal with it.

    We're now an hour into this #constitutionalcrisis so I'm thinking about smashing my own windows.

    6. The brave people of London reacted with a stiff upper lip.

    So far, despite constitutional crisis, no sign of panic buying or queues at petrol stations. Tube passengers quietly absorbing implications.

    7. Meanwhile, the government hatched diabolical plans to deal with the constitutional crisis.

    After #taxcredits defeat #Cameron will recruit new Lords in bid to beat #constitutionalcrisis

    8. Number 10 responded in the only way it could.

    We're getting a response from No.10 #taxcredits #constitutionalcrisis

    9. George Osborne decided to change from the "listening mode" he was in before the crisis began.

    Osborne switches from listening mode after his defeat in the Lords. #constitutionalcrisis

    10. While others knew there was only one way to sort out the crisis. Activate the Queen immediately.

    Quick! Someone "activate" the Queen. It is time. #constitutionalcrisis

    11. Robert Peston, ITV's political editor, knew the gravity of the situation and, in a rare move, put on a tie.

    #constitutionalcrisis RT @VictoriaPeckham Peston in tie shock.

    12. Labour MP Emily Thornberry had no option but to point at the chaos on the streets.

    13. These ugly scenes shocked the nation.

    14. The supermarket shelves began to empty as people stocked up for darkness to come.

    Constitutional crisis latest: mass panic buying of food at Westminster Tesco leaves nation in chaos.

    15. Heroic political reporters stayed in the eye of the storm to bring you the news.

    Still in Parliament while the Constitutional Crisis goes on around me. Feel a bit like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

    16. There were calls for the army to intervene.

    Any calls to bring in the army yet? #constitutionalcrisis

    17. All the while the people of London tried, bless them, to carry on as normal.

    Just been on Oxford Street. People of central London are coping well with the constitutional crisis.

    18. It has truly been a terrible few weeks for the public.

    Is the current "constitutional crisis" going to be worse than the 5p plastic bag thing?

    19. But, on Tuesday morning, as people woke up to a nation in crisis, it was quiet. Too quiet.

    An uneasy quiet in Market Harborough this morning #constitutionalcrisis

    20. We were allowed to hope that the worst of the nightmare was over.

    21. Maybe, just maybe, everything's going to be OK.

    1. We'll just about survive the 'constitutional crisis'. It'll be tough, but we'll manage.

    Stay safe out there, everyone.

    Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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