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Nigel Farage Whipped A Crowd Into A Frenzy Underneath An Essex Strip Club

We have reached peak UKIP.

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Nigel Farage has hosted a Q&A campaign event in the same building as a "gentleman's club" in Purfleet, Essex.

Jamie Ross / BuzzFeed

On Monday night, the Circus Tavern hosted a massive UKIP event. It's located underneath the Tenshi Gentleman's Club, which offers "a fully nude single dance" for £20, in the Thurrock constituency where Tim Aker MEP believes he's in with a chance of winning.

The Tavern is a dark, massive room most famous for hosting darts championships and wrestling events.

The audience, few of whom were UKIP members, stocked up on continental lagers before the main event, a Q&A where Farage and Aker were hoping to win them over.

Jamie Ross / BuzzFeed

We initially heard from warm-up act and UKIP candidate Harriet Yeo, who talked about tampons for a bit.

Harriet Yeo says, if there was no tax on tampons, the boyfriends of the ladies could enjoy a night out with the extra cash.

She described Nigel Farage, the main event, as a "demigod".

Harriet Yeo describes @Nigel_Farage as a “demigod” and says he can solve the EU problem #UKIP #GE2015

Before long it was time for the man himself, and despite the crowd not being UKIP members, he got a rapturous reception.

He was in full rabble-rousing form, getting huge cheers from the crowd as he asked if people died in the World War Two for Britain to be taken into the EU, saying that taking the words "European Union" off the British passport was a priority, and criticising the hours-old Labour manifesto for "already being in the fiction section at your local library".

"Next to Harry Potter!" screamed a man clutching a pint of lager.

One of the biggest reactions Farage got was when he asked who supported his comments from the TV debate about "health tourists" with HIV. Basically, everyone did.

He called this his "market research" – he got a similar reaction when he asked who supported the cutting of foreign aid, saying:

Farage says foreign aid "takes money from poor people in rich countries and gives it to rich people in poor countries".

He also got a huge reaction when he criticised the "subsidising of Scotland".

Dalight as Farage says: "We’ve had enough of shoving all that money over Hadrians Wall every year and we want a fair deal for England!"

They lapped up his jokes as the press grumbled that they'd heard the lines before.

Farage: "I'm a big fan of NHS nurses, I even married one once." The audience piss themselves.

There were a few moments of unscripted excitement.

The press are momentarily distracted as a man who looks like he wants a fight for no discernible reason has to be restrained by security.

A brief flicker of excitement as @owenjbennett points out a man who he thinks is Barry from Eastenders at the UKIP rally. Alas, not.

And at one point we thought the building was on fire.

It smells really strongly of smoke in here. Please, god, don't let me die at this UKIP rally.

But the Q&A went down incredibly well, bearing in mind that most of the audience weren't UKIP members.

A scrabble for pens and membership forms at the end of the evening made us think that might change.

A show of hands reveals hardly anyone here is a UKIP member. I suspect a lot might be by the time they leave.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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