Jeremy Corbyn Definitely Did Bow During The Remembrance Sunday Service

    People are slamming the Labour leader for not bowing at the Cenotaph, even though he definitely did.

    Here's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn doing a small but definite bow towards the Cenotaph after he laid a wreath there for Remembrance Sunday. / Via

    For some reason, however, people are criticising the Labour leader for not bowing at the Cenotaph.

    Why wouldn't @jeremycorbyn bow his head? I think that's worse than if he didn't sing the national anthem. #corbyn

    Even those who obviously watched the bow on Sky News claimed that Corbyn didn't bow.

    Corbyn does not bow his head at the Cenotaph in London:

    Then some who accepted that he bowed said it was "a very questionable bow".

    Very questionable bow at the Cenotaph from Corbyn this morning.

    "An excuse for a bow," wrote Sunday Mirror columnist Carole Malone.

    Was that a bow from Corbyn as he laid his wreath #RemembranceSunday or an excuse for one?

    "Not even a bow from Corbyn!"

    Not even a bow from Corbyn! #RemembranceSunday

    So, to be clear, here's that bow again.

    Corbyn also left this wreath at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday, saying: "Let us resolve to create a world of peace."

    To summarise...

    Yawn. Claims that Corbyn didn't bow at the Cenotaph are ridiculous. Quite clear that he did, was just fairly modest. No story, move along