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An Audience Member At The Scottish TV Debates Seems To Be Wearing A Fake Moustache

The situation is unclear.

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The Scottish TV leader debates – between Scotland's four main political leaders – was pretty dull, but then this happened:


Is that audience member wearing a fake moustache? That one on the right. Look closer.


People were immediately confused.

Sorry. I know there are much more important issues to discuss in #ScotDebates. But is that moustache real?

Jeremy Vine demanded answers.

What on earth is going on with this guy’s moustache in the STV #ScotDebates?

Even the debate hosts, STV, seemed unsure about the situation.

So we're not sure who #fakemoustacheguy is ... #scotnight #scotdebates #GE2015

Speculation has already begun about the person behind the disguise.

@JamieRoss7 Shhh! It's Galloway.

What the hell, is that guy in disguise? Is it George Galloway trying to get in there? #ScotDebates

Was someone hiding something?

@JamieRoss7 @tim2040 should somebody be at work? Has he 'phoned in sick?

BuzzFeed News hopes this explanation is true.

Hey @JamieRoss7. Check under that hat and tache. That might be #AlexSalmondsSoleroLady

The debate isn't over yet, but Amy Macdonald already called it for the #fakemoustacheguy.

Please can we just wrap this up and hear from #fakemoustacheguy it's what the people want. #ScotDebates

Stick with us – we will give you the answers as they unfold.

I am going to interview the #fakemoustacheguy or die trying. #ScotDebates

UPDATE: The moustache has been removed during the debate.

It appears to have been forcibly removed by STV staff, according to a man claiming to be the mysterious mustachioed audience member.

BREAKING: STV staff made @jackmcafee's dad take off his moustache. #ScotDebates

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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