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This Is How The Internet Responded To The Budget

As is tradition, the nation united as one to call George Osborne a briefcase wanker.

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It's BUDGET DAY! Judging by previous years, no normal person is excited whatsoever.

I got hold of last year's Budget viewing figures graph from the BBC

But it's George Osborne's big day and he kicked it off by tweeting this photo, which people instantly started to take the piss out of.

Today I will present a Conservative Budget - a Budget that puts economic security first

Mainly because the chancellor was clearly just pretending to write.

. @George_Osborne why are you pretending to use a pen on a clearly printed piece of paper?

Osborne impressively manages to write in printed front. #budget2015

@George_Osborne George this isn’t how typing works.

People made their own edits.

Well that's just rude #budget2015

There was a running theme, actually.

RT @George_Osborne Today I will present a Conservative Budget - a Budget that puts economic security first.

And obviously some people just drew a cock.

RT @George_Osborne Today I will present a Conservative Budget - a Budget that puts economic security first

That wasn't the only budget day artwork around – this effort was being exhibited outside Downing Street.

Then the Lib Dems revealed that Osborne had blocked their press office on Twitter, marking the official end of the coalition.

As is tradition, Osborne then proudly held his briefcase up in front of the press.

Osborne holds that briefcase like a dirty nappy over a bin. #Budget2015

As is also tradition, the nation then united as one to call him a briefcase wanker.

My sister just shouted briefcase wanker at George Osborne on the news. Never been so proud. #budget2015

Briefcase wanker @George_Osborne

Osborne actually looks far nicer when he's holding a Thundercats lunchbox.

Literally, the only time I've ever had respect for George Osborne. #budget2015

People mourned what might have been.

In an alternate universe, Ed Balls is about to present #budget2015

There was a #Balls2TheBudget protest outside, but we suspect they didn't mean Ed Balls.

#Balls2TheBudget @Dis_PPL_Protest say it all! #budget2015

After all the pre-match build up, the speech began and Tory MPs started diligently taking notes on Theresa May's head.

Just casually using Theresa May's head as a table. #budget2015

There were a lot of figures and percentages being announced and no one found it particularly enthralling.

Watching Osborne presenting the budget but all one can hear is "blah blah blah blah blah..." #wotevs #Budget

There were interesting little bits like this though.

Osborne claims we have a worse road network than Puerto Rico and Namibia. WTF?

To be fair, Namibian roads look much more exciting than ours.

This is a google image result for "Namibian road". It does look pretty good, to be fair. #budget2015

A number of cuts were announced – like changing the student maintenance grant into a loan.

An inheritance tax cut.

Osborne makes it possible for ordinary millionaires to pass on their cash. About time they got a break... #budget2015

And stopping child support for any more than two children per family.

No child support for a 3rd that? #budget2015

Some opposition MPs got a bit angry about the cuts, so the deputy speaker had to intervene.

"Guys I know we are having the banter of a lifetime here but please try to contain yourselves"

The SNP in particular didn't seem to be enjoying themselves inside the Commons.

Actually starting to feel sick listening to this statement! #budget2015

Then the chancellor announced a £9 living wage, and everyone went bananas.

A new national living wage introduced for all workers - £9 an hour by 2020. Sounds like re-badged minimum wage #budget2015

Especially Iain Duncan Smith, who celebrated like this.

Yer man IDS loving the living wage announcement #budget2015

Look how excited he is.

Fucking get in!

This harrowing faceswap was made.

"What do you mean politicians all look the same?" #budget2015

Then inevitable Soleros were added, and Iain Duncan Smith's meme status was achieved.

I feel I've let @JamieRoss7 down, I've let Scotland down but worst of all I've let myself down #budget2015

So, basically, the budget has given us some things that people like, and some things they don't.

The Summer Budget in one gif #budget2015

And at least we know one person enjoyed budget day.


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