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This Labour MP Is Getting Roasted By Scots On Twitter For His Shite Geography

Who's going to tell Richard Burgon that Glasgow and Port Glasgow aren't the same place?

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This is Labour MP Richard Burgon, who's currently spending his time marauding around the UK trying to convince people to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.

On Thursday night, he invited his "friends from Glasgow" to come and see him perform at Port Glasgow Town Hall next week. Exciting!

Friends in Glasgow! It'd be great to see you at this event on Tuesday night!

But hold on – a BuzzFeed News investigation on Google Maps reveals that Port Glasgow is actually not the same place as Glasgow at all.

Google Maps

With characteristic gentleness, Scottish people on Twitter started kindly pointing out the mistake to Burgon.

@RichardBurgon it is Port Glasgow you plank, not Glasgow

@RichardBurgon Thick mince, the Burgon burger.

@RichardBurgon are you so dense?

Some people thought about letting him know about his error, although others decided it was best just to keep it quiet.

@TheIainHamilton @RichardBurgon Shhhh. There's a distinct possibility he's booked the wrong train.

Some pointed out it wasn't the best message to send to Scottish voters who have turned against Labour in the past few years.

@RichardBurgon It's Port Glasgow, not Glasgow. If you're so convinced Corbyn can win back Scotland maybe look at a map of the country?

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson found it all very funny.

Corbynista MP thinks Port Glasgow and Glasgow are the same place. Oh, and an alliance with SNP is the way forward...

While one of her MSPs offered to buy Burgon a map to help him out on his trip north of the border.

Port Glasgow was in my former West of Scotland constituency but Glasgow never was... #getthatmanamap

This kind man sent Burgon a map of Moscow just in case he's ever invited to the Kremlin, just east of Kilmarnock.

@RichardBurgon if you're ever invited to the Kremlin..............

While this one offered up an explanation for the missing Leeds Castle in Burgon's constituency, Leeds East.

@RichardBurgon Burgon Has spent the last 18 months scouring his constituency for Leeds Castle, only to conclude the Tories sold it.

This person suggested Burgon should turn to Corbyn, his "geography teacher leader", for help getting to Port Glasgow.

@RichardBurgon Your Geography Teacher Leader ain't gonna be pleased wi' you, Laddie.

While one person suggested this excellent idea for a travel biopic.

I've got this idea for a show - Richard Burgon's Road Trip. Where he hilariously gets lost every week.

Anyway, if you want to see Burgon speak, he may or may not appear at Port Glasgow Town Hall next Tuesday.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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