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Pro-Independence Scots Are Furious About The Union Flags On Their New Driving Licences

"It has a fuckin union jack on it wtf I didn't vote for that."

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Since the start of August, new driving licences have come with a little union flag on them – and it's fair to say Scottish nationalists aren't very happy about it.

(Details blurred by BuzzFeed News.)

(Details blurred by BuzzFeed News.)

In fact, #The45 aren't very happy at all.

Got a new driving licence cause I changed my address and it has a fuckin union jack on it wtf I didn't vote for that #wearethe45 #voteyes

This man is so angry he might erect a Scottish flag in his garden in protest.

Just received new driving licence with the Union Jack on it. I've been holding off getting a Saltire for my garden. Maybe it's now time.

This person thinks it's "a sleekit way of brainwashing us".

@ColinMcGarvie @Froufrou42 @DVLAgovuk It is just a not so sleekit way of brainwashing us to believe there is s Union


Just renewed my driving licence as address changed.. now i have the eyesore of the Union Jack on it.. should be an opt out. #nothappy

"There's a massive fucking Union Jack on it."

Just got my driving licence through and there's a massive fucking Union Jack on it 😂😂😂 is this a joke

This man informed the DVLA he'd be covering up the union flag with "a nice wee Satire".

Hey @DVLAgovuk, you can shove your union flag where the sun don't shine, will be covering that up wee a nice wee Satire.

In fact the DVLA keep getting tweeted about it.

@DVLAgovuk Is it illegal for me to remove the Union Flag from my driving licence, I find it offensive!

Quite a lot.

@dvlagovuk I don't want a union flag on my new license! I paid for it and I'm Scottish so will you put a saltire on it please? #dvla

But there's nothing they can do.

@sinton75 Hi, the Government decided that UK licences should display the Union flag as it strengthens the UK's sense of national unity.

Never fear though, #The45, because the "Bonny Badge Company" is selling these tiny saltire stickers to cover up the union flag on your licences.

So people can either buy some of those, or take Graeme Buchan's advice.

Why are folk moaning about having a Union Jack on there driving license, surely there's more to worry about in life

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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