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The Department For Work And Pensions Has Released An Absolutely Sick Rap

It caused one person to "cringe every inch of their skin off".

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The Department for Work and Pensions dropped this beat on its official Twitter feed on Monday.

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It's part of a longer advert released in 2012 to celebrate workplace pensions that's being rereleased because the DWP deemed it an enormous success last time.

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A department source told BuzzFeed News that the rap initially came about because the workers in the video were very excited about workplace pensions.

"They were just so enthused by automatic enrolment and those sort of pensions, as I imagine the vast majority of BuzzFeed readers are," said the source. "It certainly wasn't written by DWP or anything like that – it was something they came up with themselves."

The department is now "re-pushing" the campaign to make sure people are saving for their retirement, because it thought the rap would get people talking on social media.


It definitely did do that, but maybe not in the way the DWP was hoping.

.@dwppressoffice delete your account

.@dwppressoffice At least we know now that it’s possible for a person to cringe every inch of their skin off, so not a total disaster, eh?

However, the DWP source claimed the video has had "a more positive reaction than other things I've seen" and asked BuzzFeed News to remember that "we just want to make sure people are saving for their retirement".

Most importantly, can we expect more raps from the DWP in the future?

"We take things on a rap by rap basis," teased the source.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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