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George Clooney Visited A Sandwich Shop In Edinburgh And Scotland Lost Its Mind

The Ocean's Eleven star reportedly tucked in to a chicken and bacon sandwich platter and had "a little cake".

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Clooney was invited to the Social Bite café, which donates all its profits to charity and employs people who used to be homeless, and Scotland simply could not handle the excitement.

People waited outside in the freezing streets for four hours to catch a glimpse of him.

Some fans been outside the shop since 7am hoping to grab a selfie with Hollywood star George #Clooney.


The whole of the Scottish press gathered on Rose Street in anticipation of his arrival.

Press waiting for #Clooney on Rose Street.

Rumours swept the crowd as to what kind of sandwich the Ocean's Eleven star might treat himself to.

As the long wait continues for #Clooney, the chat is turning to what sandwich he's going to have.

People imagined what Scottish delights Clooney might sample during his visit.

***** BREAKING ***** First pic of George Clooney sampling Scottish cuisine

Maybe he would opt for a traditional Scottish lunch.



Suddenly, Clooney arrived in a Jaguar and the crowd went absolutely bananas.

George Clooney arrives at the Social Bites sandwich shop in Edinburgh that works with the homeless


Journalists asked him the question on everyone's lips.

Journalist: "What sandwich are you going to eat?" George Clooney: "I will see what they've got."

This incredibly excited woman basically summed up the mood of the nation. / Via Sky News

As Clooney disappeared inside the café, we were promised a live broadcast of the Batman & Robin actor tucking into a wee sandwich.

George Clooney may soon eat a sandwich... Watch it live on #skynews


But there was confusion as to whether he actually ate any sandwiches.

Clooney sandwich update. He was offered the platter but didn't eat anything. Too tight a schedule apparently. More as we get it..

The Sky News reporter on the scene said the sandwiches remained "untouched", although the café owner insisted Clooney had some sandwiches along with "a little cake".

@JaneLewisSport #sandwichgate #tiffingate Untouched by Hollywood hand


One Social Bite staff member, Sonny Murray, met Clooney and said afterwards: "Only two years ago I was living on the streets of Edinburgh with a heroin addiction and unable to even afford to eat. Today I'm in full-time employment, have an amazing family, and I just made lunch for one of the biggest stars on the planet!"

After spending about 40 minutes in the café, Clooney set off to have lunch with a Scottish girl who won a competition, and will host the Scottish Business Awards on Thursday evening.

It is unclear when Scotland will recover from the visit.

So George Clooney is beautiful in real life!!!! 😍 Fab morning at work seeing him!! 😍


Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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