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    This Man's Response To Tesco Customer Service Is The Most Glaswegian Thing You'll See Today

    "Am no a grass."

    When @Haraam_ from Glasgow spotted an out-of-date item in Tesco, he rightfully tweeted his outrage. #NotCool

    @Tesco selling something nearly two weeks out of date. #NotCool

    Fifteen minutes later, his complaint was spotted by Tesco's customer service team, who wanted to help sort out the situation.

    @Haraam_ Hi Haraam, I'm really sorry about that, can you tell me which store this was in please? - Owen #Regards

    But Haraam was having none of it.

    The location of the mouldy biscuits will forever remain a mystery – but whichever Tesco worker left them out owes one to Haraam.

    @Haraam_ Hi Haraam, I'm sorry but without the information we cannot investigate this. Thanks - Aimee