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Alex Salmond Seriously Damaged His Wrist By Shaking Too Many Hands During The Referendum

It turns out creating a "man of the people" image can be dangerous.

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Alex Salmond shook so many hands during the independence referendum campaign that he's hurt his wrist, and has received medical advice that he should stop shaking hands.

Scotland's outgoing first minister was interviewed by Holyrood magazine, and turned up wearing a foam wrist guard which was put down to "the vigorous pressing of the public flesh conducted during the referendum campaign".

He previously revealed to The Courier: "It flared up during the referendum campaign because I had to shake so many hands.

"When I was at Gleneagles I saw the European Ryder Cup team's medical staff – our golfers were all so fit they had the time – and they gave me all sorts of treatment to help it."

Salmond was banned from shaking hands for two months, which might seem a little bit rude at this weekend's SNP conference.

Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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