Posted on Oct 25, 2015

    Alex Salmond Calls For The Creation Of A Scotland Flag Emoji

    Salmond told BuzzFeed News the lack of a saltire emoji is "outrageous".

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    Alex Salmond has thrown his weight behind a campaign to create a Scotland flag emoji, condemning the lack of a saltire in the emoji keyboard as "outrageous".

    Following the latest IOS 9.1 update, there are 246 flags available for iMessage users to express their patriotism. Residents of Christmas Island, Antartica, and Vatican City are among those who can enjoy a tiny picture of their flags.

    However, none of the four countries which make up the UK have their own emoji – although there is a proposal to change that in future updates, and the latest update did include Scotland's national animal the unicorn.

    Despite that, many Scots are furious the latest update didn't include a saltire.

    Another emoji update and still no Scotland flag. Independence now.

    In fact, they're shocked.

    But er still isna a scotland flag emoji WOW

    A Scotland emoji is all this man wants.

    Guys I can guarantee the day we get a Scotland flag emoji I won't ever complain about anything again

    Now the former first minister has added to calls that a Scotland emoji should be created. Asked if he'd throw his diplomatic clout behind the campaign to call on the introduction of one, he said: "Absolutely.

    "You’re talking to Alex Salmond dot Scot," said Salmond, who campaigned for the introduction of ".scot" domain names. "I threw my weight behind the dot Scot campaign and I’ll throw my weight behind this one. As you know, I’m a dab hand at waving a saltire both online and offline.

    "I’m up for that campaign."

    Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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