The SNP's MPs Are Having The Time Of Their Lives At Westminster

    The number of selfies inside the House of Commons has never been higher.

    With the election over, the SNP's group of 56 MPs has arrived in Westminster.

    And their tweets show that they're having the time of their lives.

    They arrived in London early on Monday, just four days after the election.

    On Docklands light rail to Westminster with fellow @theSNP MPs again huge thanks to all who made this possible

    They all looked incredibly excited to be there.

    Obligatory Westminster bridge selfie. #SNP56

    Although Martyn Day and John McNally didn't seem too impressed by the tube.

    On the Tube heading for Westminster with @JohnMcNallyMP

    And weren't entirely certain how to get into the building once they arrived.

    @JohnMcNallyMP and I have arrived, now to get into the building.

    But everyone got inside eventually, and their fun week began.

    Day 1 getting ourselves organised done. Now the hard work begins! #SNP #Westminster15

    They certainly haven't had any time for parliament's fuddy-duddy conventions.

    The Tory MP giving us an initiation talk says clapping in the chamber is 'deplored'. #SNP members respond by applauding warmly.

    And Roger Mullin MP pretended to be the prime minister at the dispatch box, which must break just about every parliamentary rule in the book.

    First day in the chamber and never let it be said Roger Mullin lacks ambition @RogMull

    They've been shown the hangers for their swords.

    All very high tech. Here is my peg (remember school?) I can hang my sword here it seems. #AlreadyWorking

    And they've made some unlikely new friends.

    Including the parliamentary sniffer dogs, who are "excitable wee things".

    Just met the Parliament sniffer dogs. Very excitable wee things.

    If they're missing home, they've discovered that they can get Irn Bru in parliament.

    The whole #irnbru in pch thing has actually happened :)

    They've asked for the pro-independence newspaper, The National, to be available there as well.

    Pleased to confirm having requested @HouseofCommons library to arrange for @ScotNational be available for all members to enjoy!

    Mhairi Black MP has had a chip butty for lunch, with a packet of Cola Bottles for dessert.

    And they've seen the sights of London, like this "very big clock".

    The SNP's MPs don't have their offices yet, as they need to "wait for the Lib Dems to clear out".

    That #bigclock really great help for finding way to work. Waiting for the LibDems to clear out our offices.

    But once they get rid of them, they'll take up residence in what's been dubbed "Jockalypse House".

    Seems #Commons office block where the most SNP MPs are to be located is fast getting nickname "Jockaplypse House" :)) #the56 #SNP56

    For now, they're in their temporary offices, which Calum Kerr MP says "aren't too shabby".

    These hot desk areas are not too shabby! #daytwo

    They've enjoyed the attention of the press, which is intrigued by their arrival.

    Here's my view of yesterday's photo call at parliament. That's SNP legend Phil Greene with the giant saltire.

    Pete Wishart MP especially enjoyed being immortalised in this cartoon from the Daily Mail.

    I'm the dude with the kilt and the beard... The right wing press. What are they like...?

    "LOL," said deputy SNP leader Stewart Hosie.

    @PeteWishart who's the MP with the targe. Don't remember him at the group meeting! lol.

    The MPs have of course been doing some actual work.

    Collected my first mail as MP, the real work begins.

    But mostly, judging by their Twitter accounts, they just seem to have enjoyed the experience of being at Westminster.

    And, of course, taking selfies.

    55 of us down in London are okay. We've got @mhairi1921 looking after us. #StrongerScotland

    After a busy and exiciting week, they're now heading back to their constituencies in Scotland.

    But they go back with a boosted Twitter following.

    Yikes being followed by @HouseofCommons ...scary biscuits!!!

    And the fun continues on their journey home.

    Some hilarity on London Underground en route to the airport when my comrade @CStephenssnp replied "Never!" when asked to stand to the right.

    See you next week, SNP MPs.