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    Vivienne Westwood Has Driven To David Cameron's House In A Bloody Great Big Tank

    It was a protest against fracking, obviously.

    The fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood has driven through David Cameron's constituency in an enormous tank.

    Dame Vivienne Westwood's anti fracking tank rides to David Cameron's house in #Witney. #HeartNews

    Seriously. Look. She drove to Cameron's house in Witney as part of a protest against fracking.

    Vivienne Westwood drives a tank to Cameron's house in fracking protest @Ruptly @RTUKnews

    People seem to be surprised that Vivienne Westwood drove a tank to David Cameron's house.

    Hang on, wait, WHAT? Vivienne Westwood is doing WHAT?

    Some outraged military enthusiasts pointed out that it's not a tank but an infantry carrier.

    This is an FV432 infantry carrier. Weak, Westwood. Weak.

    Others are wondering if Westwood should really be prioritising driving tanks over designing some clothes.

    As a designer, doesn't Vivienne Westwood have better things to do, just seven days before fashion week..?

    But, if this image doesn't make the government think twice about fracking, surely nothing will.

    THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Vivienne Westwood is in an *actual tank* driving to David Cameron's house.

    Anyway, that's all. Back to your Fridays, everyone.

    Jamie Ross is a Scotland reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Edinburgh.

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