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15 Struggles For People Who Learn By Listening

Auditory learners have it hard.

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1. In class, you barely take notes.

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The most awkward time is when you hear everyone writing down what the teacher is saying and you're just... listening.

2. And the looks you get from everyone else taking notes.

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I can almost hear them calling me lazy.

3. Background noise is your worst enemy.


Yes, I can hear you whispering 8 rows ahead of me and no, I can't focus.

4. Music and doing homework just can't coexist.

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Because then you'll just start dancing until you've gone through your entire iTunes library.


5. Actually, you realize at a young age that listening to music has to be its own activity.

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Finally, you can give the music your complete and undivided attention so you can analyze every word.

6. People think you're weird for remembering details from a conversation you had 4 years ago.

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It's not weird. They said it, why wouldn't I remember it?

7. Taking tests when you're not able to read questions out loud.

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We naturally want to read the questions out loud for some reason. I guess reading it in our heads will have to suffice.

8. Your study group often asks you to stop speaking all the time.

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If I wanted peace and quiet, I would have studied alone!


9. Staying quiet is a struggle.

Whether it's a joke, story, or just your own nonsense, we constantly need to be speaking. Even if no one's listening.
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Whether it's a joke, story, or just your own nonsense, we constantly need to be speaking. Even if no one's listening.

10. You have conversations with yourself.

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You can't be home alone and not speak. The only time it gets weird is when you answer. Oh wait, we do that too.

11. You can instantly pick out grammatical errors in speech.

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And when you do, it makes you angry. It's just second nature. Don't question it.

12. You ask way too many questions.

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Yes, even the dumb ones. It helps you process.


13. Because of how slow you naturally read, the odds of doing well on standardized tests are agains you.

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14. Remembering names is your thing.

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Faces... not so much.

15. But when you do find others just like you, you feel normal.

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