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    • jamiel9

      Greaaat. Let’s starting comparing the little of it we know automatically to Middle Eastern countries so the Islamaphobia can run rampant yet again. Even if it’s not finger pointing, you just need a few mentions of those countries for people to turn it into that. Maybe this bomb was similar to the ones in Mumbai and Baghdad because IT’S POINTED IT OUT IN THIS ARTICLE ALL OF THE COMPONENTS USED AND COULD THEREFORE HAVE BEEN LOOKED UP EASILY BY ANYONE. Seriously? If we don’t have the facts, let’s not speculate. Uncertainty is scary. But idle speculation and propagating rumors and falsities is a recipe for disaster. One we’ve danced with one too many times before. The article goes on to explain that the signs aren’t clear, and the bombs aren’t only similar to those in Mumbai, Baghdad and Afghanistan, but also to past homegrown attacks—but clearly that’s not the spotlight of the story. And definitely not the headline. All it takes is a news headline-scanner/Twitter news gatherer to get rumors to swirl. Please be careful.

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