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    23 Things You Understand If You're From Phoenix

    We do things a little bit differently here in Phoenix, AZ. Here are 23 things you will understand if you're a Phoenician.

    1. Yes, it IS that hot.

    2. It's normal to drive with oven mitts.

    3. This is our game.

    4. It's all in the advertising....

    5. We Only Have 2 Seasons.

    6. "Snowbirds" are not part of the wildlife.

    7. "Good Parking Spots" have nothing to do with proximity to store.

    8. EVERYTHING bites back.

    9. We don't actually NEED ovens.

    10. We can be spotted anywhere we vacation

    11. We tan a little differently...

    12. We also shower a little differently, too....

    13. Our storms = Apocolyptic images

    14. THIS is BOB.

    15. Working on Van Buren is NOT a good thing.

    16. Burritos are acceptable for ANY meal.

    17. Your shoe collection looks like:

    18. But your sunglass collection looks like:

    19. We know how to do food.

    20. The PDA struggle is real.

    21. We have a different use for salt.

    22. Phoenix: If you can't stand our summers...

    23. Then you don't deserve our winters.

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