14 Great Things About Being An NFL Fan From The UK

A rundown of the best things about following the ‘other football’ this side of the pond.

1. An excuse to stay up until the early hours drinking beer and eating wings!

2. We get to feel like this every Monday morning…

But it’s totally worth it!

3. We sell out every ‘home’ game at Wembley.

4. When the NFL comes here, they go big.

5. And we get to greet fans like this.

6. We start our weekend every Thursday night (or Friday morning) with these guys.

7. We react to British cliches of American Football like this…

A personal favourite: “Do you watch all six hours of a game?”

8. We laugh at the people who say: “Rugby is a real sport - they don’t wear pads”.

Oh Rele?

9. We can support whoever we want, without the need to justify it…

Most of the time.

10. When we see an article on American Football in UK daily papers you think ‘“I could write that”.

Yeah, thanks for that.

11. We’ll play a game anywhere and everywhere

Even in a car park.

12. We can appreciate that the UK is not obsessed with adverts every thirty seconds.

C’mon Kaep!

13. We might be getting a team in London!

Let’s just hope Boris isn’t eyeing up the QB 1 slot.

14. And we don’t hold rivalries over fans of other teams.

We’re a friendly bunch!

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