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Updated on Jan 31, 2020. Posted on Nov 28, 2017

This Yes Or No Quiz Will Reveal If You're Actually A Picky Eater

Do you need to deconstruct a sandwich before eating it?

  1. Have you ever ordered off the kids menu at a restaurant?

    Flickr: melaniewong / Creative Commons
  2. Do you sometimes ask for something that's not even on the menu?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  3. Do you separate the foods on your plate so they're not touching?

    Twitter: @ohhey_itsbetty
  4. Do you ever eat the same food so often that you become sick of it?

    Getty Images
  5. Have you ever strategically moved your food around your plate to make it look like you've eaten more than you actually have?

    Flickr: lesleyk / Creative Commons
  6. Do you deconstruct most sandwiches you eat to get a proper look at what's inside?

    Twitter: @lizbergie
  7. Does the idea of eating out at a restaurant that's not your choice make you nervous?

    Getty Images
  8. Do you take some of your own snacks with you when traveling abroad?

    Flickr: umami88 / Creative Commons
  9. Do you place sauce by the side of your food, rather than on top of it?

    Flickr: reid-bee / Creative Commons
  10. Have you ever lied about being allergic to a food just so you wouldn't have to eat it?

    Getty Images
  11. Did your parents ever cook one meal for the rest of the family, but a different meal for you?

    Getty Images
  12. Have you ever refused to eat a piece of food simply because it touched part of a food you don't like?

    Flickr: charmainezoe / Creative Commons
  13. Do you boast to your friends/family on group chat when you try a new food and actually like it?

    Getty Images
  14. Do you sometimes just know that you won't like something, even before trying it?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

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