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    21 Pictures That Prove The North Is Better Than The South

    A land where there's a Greggs on every corner.

    1. Up North, people really know how to have a night out.

    2. And even pets can hold their own.

    3. People really know how to take care of their animals.

    4. No one can get away with breaking the law – not even wheelbarrows.

    5. Especially when there are actual superheroes roaming the streets. / BBC

    6. There's no one as innovative as a Northerner.

    7. And no one is better at getting themselves out of an unwanted situation.

    Sunday Sport

    8. There's a Greggs on every corner.

    9. And a pie in every roll.

    10. But none in the vans.

    11. You know what most vending machines are missing? Milk.

    12. No place provides a better welcome.

    13. Or more generous gifts to children.

    14. Need to go home before finishing your drink? Luckily there's a solution.

    15. Public transport makes an effort to run, no matter what.

    16. Graffiti actually makes a valid point.

    17. Food is worshipped in the way that it should be.

    18. And biscuits are considered a life-necessity. / Thinkstock

    19. Copyright laws are a little more relaxed.

    20. Convenience is always as the forefront of customer service.

    21. And most importantly, the cost of a round doesn't bankrupt you.

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